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There are a variety of laptop models available in the market. Choosing a proper model among them will be a difficult choice for everyone. But before choosing them, there is one thing that means to be cleared. It is the purpose of using the laptop. If you are using the laptop for your job-related purposes like programming, make sure to buy one that meets the requirements like high disk space and RAM. Another type of laptop is mainly suitable for students and people who are purchasing it for entertainment purposes. These normal laptops can be used for business-related purposes also. The only variation is when you purchase a laptop for programming purposes, which require some additional features. Some programming languages like Java, HTML, C, C++, and others require a lot of disc space and a quick flow of information between the bus and other terminals. There are a variety of features that need to be considered before purchasing a laptop. Let us now view them in detail.

Disk drive

The disks are the space where most of the important details of the programs are stored. Whenever a command is executed or saved, they will have to interact with other features of the program. In such a situation, if the disk drive used has a lot of storage space with easy access to the flow of information between the command and the disk will be quicker and easier. For these laptops, it is better to use 256 GB SSD. SSD is otherwise known as the solid-state drive. This drive offers good performance because it can be easily accessed.  This drive is better than the hard disk drive. Most of our laptops and computers are made up of hard disk drives. So if you are purchasing a new laptop, it should either have a 256 GB Solid-state drive or 1TB Hard disk drive work on this.  Even though the SSD is a rare phenomenon, it is essential to have it in your laptop. This condition is because when you are a programmer, you understand that speed is one of the most important requirements. It’s not just about coding. You will also require roaming through multiple files and folders, which will take time if your system is slow. But while using a solid-state drive, these files and information can be easily accessed without any requirement for loading. So can always choose a small size solid-state drive instead of a large size hard disk.

RAM and memory

If you are a programmer, you will know that the memory of a computer or a laptop depends upon the size of its hard disk. Memory is like a bucket that stores all the information of your coding and sifts through that bucket when you are trying to execute the code. If the hard disk is large enough, it will be easier for you to search through a wide range of memories and access the information quickly. For a programming laptop, you can have about 8GB of RAM, but choosing a 16GB RAM will be more efficient. There are a variety of RAM models available in the market. The higher the type of model you choose, the greater will be the speed. For example, the initial model DDR1 RAM is slower when compared to the latest model DDR4 RAM. So while purchasing a laptop, make sure that it has greater RAM, and the model of the RAM should also be higher.  With the help of a high power RAM, you can perform multiple tasks at the same time. If you are a gamer, then having a 16GB RAM will be more suitable.

Processing power

In the desktop version, the computers had a separate CPU. But now this laptop CPU is present within them. CPU is similar to the computer’s brain, and it is responsible for handling multiple information at the same time. If the CPU is of a poor model, then there is no use in buying a laptop. The CPU model used should be of a high model, and they should have an i5 or i7 processor. These processors are made up of cores that are responsible for offering speed and performance. If you are not interested in purchasing an Intel-based processor, you can always purchase the latest model AMD processor.

Quality for comfort

The next most important requirement that needs to be taken care of while purchasing a laptop for a programmer is comfort. While purchasing a laptop, make sure that it is also comfortable for usage because, as a programmer, you will be required to work for long hours. For example, while working for long hours, the light radiations emitted from the laptop will affect your eyes. So the laptop you purchase should have proper filters to protect your vision. Other comfort features need to be taken into account. Let us now see about them in detail. 


The keyboard should be easy to operate and should not hurt your fingers. You might have a requirement to operate on multiple codes that requires a lot of typing. One of the most important requirements is having a Soft keyboard with a numerical keypad. With the help of a good keyboard, you can efficiently type all your thoughts and codes within the computer. Always go for the keyboard that has a soft touch and good traveling efficiency. Since you are going to use the laptop for a long time, it is essential to you have a keyboard that is strong and made up of good quality materials. The layout of the keyboard should also be comfortable so that you can access the function and control keys according to your requirement. For example, the enter or backspace keys should be comfortable and easy to touch because they are constantly used. These keys should be larger for easy identification and access. Purchasing a Backlit keyboard will allow you to work easily at night and use high-quality USB ports that are easy to type on. 

Screen size

They should also be easy to clean so that you can maintain the laptop perfectly even after a long time. The laptop’s screen size should also be large enough so that it will not affect your eyesight and make it stressed. As a programmer, you will have a requirement to type a lot of code into the computer, and having a computer with a large screen will allow you to view the codes simultaneously without needing to scroll through them. The screen should also have a proper cover that prevents the flow of light that affects your eyes. Purchasing a 15 inches screen laptop will be more efficient for your programming requirement. The resolution of the screen is also important. Buy an HD resolution screen to work efficiently with 4 to 5 Windows open side to side. If you are purchasing a laptop with a good screen, go for a 4K resolution display. Such laptops can be a bit costlier than the others, but they are less distracting and efficient.

Gamer essentials

Most processes like i5 and i7 come along with an integrated graphics card, but they are not efficient. If you are a gaming programmer, then purchase a laptop with a proper graphic card and always try to purchase them in an integrated form so that it would be easier for you to handle the processor along with that. i5 and i7 processors can support your gaming applications and programming, but they are not dedicated to advanced level programming in the field of the game.

Battery life

The next most important thing that needs to be taken care of while purchasing a laptop is the size of the battery. Most of the batteries tend to lose their power within a short period, which is not acceptable, especially if you are a programmer. As a programmer, you might have the need to use your laptop suddenly during traveling. Having a good battery backup will allow you to work efficiently. If you are not concerned about your battery life, you can always have a backup battery that can be used whenever required. But generally, make sure to purchase a laptop with good battery life so that you can enjoy the features.


The laptop should be easier to carry and should have the flexibility to withstand all types of operating system environments. If you are a programmer, then you might face the requirement to have two or more operating systems on the same laptop, like Windows and Linux. So while purchasing a laptop, make sure that the discs are flexible enough to partition between two different operating systems.


The brand is also an important requirement while purchasing a laptop. Along with these features, make sure that you purchased the laptop from a well-known brand confident about its quality and durability. Most of these branded companies will replace you with another if there is any damage to the laptop within the warranty period. The branded laptops also so can update their model every now then so that they can overcome the disadvantage of the previous model. The features mentioned above are some of the requirements while purchasing a laptop for programmers. There are a variety of laptops available in the market and always choose at least five laptops from different brands before finalizing on the laptop that meets up with your requirement. Compare the features and their price before purchasing them. All of these laptops can be purchased directly from their respective showroom or can also be purchased through online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Most of the laptop models available in the country have exclusive showrooms that will allow you to submit them for servicing whenever required. Given below are some of the laptop models that are suitable for programming.

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