Best Laptop For Graphic Designing

Laptops have been slowly replacing desktop computers, and nowadays, most people prefer using laptops even in their workplace. Laptops on not just a single product, but they are a product with multiple features for multiple work types. If you need a laptop for graphic designing, then certain features need to be taken into account. Graphical design is a process that takes a lot of time. It is a tough process that requires a good set of hardware and software to be successfully created. Graphical designing does not include a single set of software, but in turn, it requires multiple software for multiple types of Designing. Graphic design is a technique that includes a lot of jobs from making a small graphic design and poster to a completely animated series. So depending upon the type of job you are performing, you have to purchase a laptop. For high-end jobs like animation, there are various tools required, like drawing tools, animation tools, tools for lighting, and a separate tool for editing your videos and combining them with suitable audios. It also involves a variety of techniques, and the storage space required for installing and maintaining the software is also height. So it is essential to purchasing a laptop of a high model with good quality or features. Before purchasing a laptop for graphic designing, decide on the software, you need to install so that you can purchase a suitable laptop for that particular software. Certain Mac model laptops can host all types of software while the window oriented laptops have certain software that is not suitable for installation. The operating system also plays an important role while purchasing a laptop. Along with this feature, other features need to be taken into account. Let us now view the variety of features that need to be taken into account before purchasing a perfect laptop for graphic designing.


A processor, otherwise called the Central Processing Unit, is an essential tool in most computers and laptops. Initially, people used old model x86 processors, but recently, with the development of technology, there are multiple processes available in the market. The processor is responsible for operating on multiple files simultaneously and allows you to process the input and output on the laptop. For graphic designing, you need a highly powerful processor so that you can operate on multiple software at the same time without crashing. The best software models available in the market include i5, i7, AMD Ryzen, and Intel Xeon. This type of process is best suited for graphic design projects, and they support all types of applications without crashing. 

Display and screen

Graphic design is a job that requires a perfect view of the project we are working on. To understand the animation we are processing, it is essential to have a huge screen size that is at least 15 to 217 inches large. If you have more money, you can also opt for a larger screen size so that it will be easier for you to work efficiently. While performing animation, certain details need to be taken care of. In such situations having a good high definition display will allow you to work efficiently. A good quality screen that supports all types of animation videos will allow you to provide a good quality result. The color variations on the screen should also be perfect for blending the colors by performing graphic posters and other types of animations. Show while purchasing a laptop, make sure that it has a large screen, good color quality, and efficient HD screen. 


The brand of a product it’s not just about the name and price of the product, but it also ensures quality and efficiency. Graphic design is a job that requires a lot of time and hard work that needs to be put in for a successful result, so if there is an issue with the laptop in the middle of the work, you need to get it repaired efficiently and save the data without losing it. For such requirements having a local service center will be more useful. Purchasing a branded laptop will ensure that your laptop does not fail consequently and also, so most of these branded companies have service centers all over the country, providing perfect service. So, even if you fail, you can always recreate the data by submitting them to the respective service center. Pain, a bit of a high price for these branded products, will be worth it when you submit them for service. 

Random Access Memory and storage

The next important thing that needs to be taken care of while purchasing a laptop for graphic designing is having a good Random Access Memory or RAM. This particular RAM is responsible for storing the running applications’ data until the laptop is switched off. So in such situations having a good RAM will ensure you work efficiently. While using software like Adobe Photoshop and Maya 3D, you will require a lot of memory so that they can run smoothly without any interference or crashing. Having a RAM of 32GB will allow you to process multiple files at the same time without any issue. If you are looking for a laptop for simple graphic designing posters alone, then you can look for a RAM of 16 GB which will be more than enough. While RAM is a temporary storage device with other efficient permanent storage devices like hard disk, which are commonly used to install the applications and store their details, other personal details like videos, photos, and files can also be stored in this particular hard disk. There are two types of hard disks available in the market one is the solid-state drive the other is a normal hard disc. Using an SSD hard disk will ensure your fast booting of the system and quick response while opening the file and getting information from them. So while purchasing a laptop, make sure that it has an SSD hard disc with a storage capacity of at least 250 GB for normal graphic designing and 1TB for advanced graphic designing.

Portals and connectivities

For graphic designing, one of the most important requirements is having a light pen or a separate pen that can be used for drawing the images on the laptop screen directly or through a separate screen that will be interlinked with the laptop screen. For these types of connections, you have to purchase a laptop with proper Wi-Fi and Bluetooth portals. Are there other essential connections for graphic designing, including a USB port and a port that connects the laptop to normal computers or other laptops? This is essential if multiple persons are working on a single project and when they are required to combine their projects at the end. In such situations, the laptops can be connected directly or copied and transferred to the other laptops through USB devices like pen drive and hard discs. Always make sure there are enough ports so that you can work efficiently. It should also have a connection port for inserting the audio devices like the speakers and headsets.

Design and weight

The design of the laptop should be perfect, and it should be made up of high-quality plastic material. After a few years of usage, the laptops will start to lose their efficiency slowly, and the keypad will start to fail. On some laptops, the paint will also feel away after continuous usage. So while purchasing, make sure that these points are taken care of, and the laptops remain perfect even after five to seven years of usage. The laptop’s weight should also be less, which will allow you to carry them everywhere without any difficulty. So now you can show your work to your clients easily by carrying the laptop everywhere.


Graphical designing is a process that requires a lot of time and patience. So why working on a laptop sometimes the designers tend to work for long hours, and the laptop should have a battery that supports this. So purchasing a laptop that can operate for at least 7 to 8 hours will allow you to work even when there is a power shortage or make corrections after submitting it to the client. You can also so use the laptop for presentations and other things without the fear of losing the battery. So purchase a laptop with a good battery that lasts for a long time without failing. 

All these points are important while performing graphic design, and along with that, also make sure that the laptop you are purchasing has perfect durability so that you can use it for a long time. The laptop’s power cord should also be long enough so that you can move them freely within the room, and the design should also be good so that it would be easier for you to make presentations with your laptop. Given below are the set of laptops that are commonly purchased by graphic designers. You can either purchase them directly or purchase a laptop with similar properties to ensure a perfect product. These laptops can be purchased directly from the company showroom, online website, and online shopping portals like Amazon and Flipkart. Ensure that the laptop you are purchasing is of a good price range and has a good warranty.

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