What Is The Best Ram For A Laptop? [For Gaming, Programming, Office Work, etc.]

The RAM is an excellent storage device that can change your laptop's functioning within a short period. So depending upon your usage, you have to choose the perfect Random Access Memory for your laptop. Given below are some of the details that you need to check while purchasing a laptop with suitable RAM.

RAM, otherwise known as the Random Access Memory, is an essential part of a laptop. They are responsible for storing the caches and temporary memory of many programs on the laptop. The RAM stores the most important information required for loading the laptop and every other function. When you initially start up a laptop, it takes some time for the laptop to load all the programs before displaying the details. This feature is nothing but the time taken by both the processor and RAM to start and load the software’s details within themselves. When you try to move between multiple software while working on the laptop, the RAM prevents them from loading fresh every time, and hence the shifting is easier. The Random Access Memory is responsible for storing all the temporary details of software while it is running. For example, let us consider you are copying a file from one drive to an external device and, at the same time, editing a video file. Even when your screen is open with the video editor, the copying process will be happening successfully in the background. This feature is because both the processor and RAM will be combined to ensure that both the functions run properly with no interruption. 

When you try to run multiple programs simultaneously, all the background information of the program will be stored in the RAM. So during this time, when the memory of the RAM storage is low, the software’s functioning will automatically be slowed down. So you need to have a good high storage RAM depending upon the purpose you are going to use the laptops. If the software you are going to use requires more space like a video software or a Designer software, then the device’s RAM storage should be higher. If you are going to use the laptop for surfing the internet and other simple purposes, then having simple RAM storage will be enough. If you are currently using a laptop and want to upgrade it to a better one, you must check the RAM’s capacity on the current laptop. Try to visit the laptop’s performance section in the control panel and then check your RAM capacity.  If the capacity is 25-30%, then you do not require an upgrade in the RAM. But if your RAM usage is greater than 70%, then it is time for an upgrade. When you are upgrading, purchase a RAM that is double or triple times higher than the previous model so that you can enjoy a free performance with no interruptions. When you are in front of two different model laptops with the same price and different RAM storage, choose the model with the highest storage capacity. This feature is because they are more efficient and make it easier for you to use. 

How to choose the perfect RAM?

The above-given technique of checking the RAM capacity works only for the laptops that are previously used. If you are purchasing the laptop for the first time, this technique cannot be followed, and you need to choose the RAM all by yourself. The first thing that you have to concentrate on while purchasing a laptop is the purpose you are purchasing it for. The laptop’s purpose will reveal to you the type of software you will be using while operating on the laptop. Depending on the power and functional capacity of the software and then choose a RAM. For example, if you are going to use the laptop for simple basic purposes, then having a 2GB RAM will be sufficient. But when you are using certain software like the solid works, which can be installed only in systems with RAM of 8 GB or more, you will have no other choice than to go for it. For every profession, you require a different type of RAM storage. Depending on the work and the types of software you will use on the laptop, you have to select a RAM model. So if you are thinking about making the right choice, then read the passage given below to understand every profession’s requirement.

Gaming and online streaming

Most of the youngsters nowadays are more interested in gaming and other online streaming games. They spend a lot of their time on these games, and they can be played only using the laptops. When you are playing online, the laptop will have to maintain multiple applications like the web surfer and its running. The caches produced will be unpredictable, and they require a different type of RAM. When you are using a laptop for offline gaming, then the requirement will be simple. The games installed can be played in the system alone, and they require only a low amount of RAM like 8 GB. This feature is because all the details of the gaming software will be stored on the laptop. So getting the caches will not be a bigger job. But when you are trying to run multiple games simultaneously, you need to have RAM storage of at least 16GB. Most of the gaming model laptops in the market come with such a RAM storage space. Similarly, when you are using the laptop for online streaming, you should keep in mind that these laptops use more caches because the games’ flow will be unpredictable. So having a 16-32 GB RAM will be suitable for such a situation.

Programming laptops

The programmers and software engineers are increasing day by day. More people nowadays are moving towards the software industry. Purchasing a laptop will become an essential requirement when you are working in a software field. You will have the requirement to work in the home and under such situations having a laptop is essential. When you are using the laptop for programming, some of the most commonly used language tools are C program, Java, C++, and some other framework tools. All these tools require efficient RAM. When the programming tools are running, they tend to create a lot of caches, and if the loading details of the tools are stored along with them, then the RAM will feel overloaded. When you are trying to develop software or a programming language, you have the requirement to run multiple tools simultaneously, which will take more space on the RAM. It is technically essential to have a RAM of at least 16 GB or more for proper functioning. Because they fail, then the programs will stop in the middle creating loading problems. 

As a basic programmer, RAM’s need will be around 8 GB, but when you want to have good speed, then having more RAM will be comfortable. Simultaneously, with the increase in the programming tools, the requirement for increased storage will be inevitable. So always choose a 12-16 GB RAM for your requirements.

Graphics designer and web designer

As a graphic designer, you will have the requirement to use various powerful designer software that requires a lot of space with powerful processors. Graphic design is a hectic process that requires multiple software to run at the same time. Since you are going to be using multiple software, the requirement for good quality RAM is essential. To manage all the designer software like Photoshop and CAD at the same time, you need to have 16 GB RAM for fast processing. Most of the software used for designing comes along with the specification of a particular set of RAM, which is more than 16GB. So using a laptop below that specification will not be suitable. Similar to graphic designing, web designing is also a job that requires a lot of space. When you are performing web designing, you will have the requirement to install programming languages like Java, HTML, and certain other design software to create a web page and design them perfectly. You will also have the requirement to maintain the server from the backend. For all these operations, you need a perfect space in RAM. When you are performing designing, you need a good RAM space.

Office purposes

If you are looking for a laptop for your office requirements, you need to choose a high-quality RAM. For example, when working as a chief project leader in your office, you will have the requirement to connect the laptop with others for sharing the information, guide the team, make presentations, and explain certain concepts. So while you are sharing these concepts, the laptop’s RAM will increase rapidly, creating a huge requirement for more space. Also, there is a chance that other people will connect to your computer and operate on your computer. When multiple people or trying to connect to your computer, then the requirement for good RAM storage will increase. Having a 2 GB RAM storage will not be enough for your requirement because they might slow down the process, especially while transferring the files. So go for larger RAM storage that will allow you to enjoy the transfer of images and other larger data faster. Having RAM storage of 8GB will be sufficient for such a requirement. So purchasing a laptop with such high-quality RAM storage will allow you to enjoy a good system for a lifetime. 


When you are a student, your requirements on my laptop will be below. It doesn’t matter whether you are a software-related student or a normal one. Because even if you are a software engineering student, your requirement will be limited to a few programming languages. So as a student, the main reason for buying a laptop will be to complete projects, have video chats with your friends, watch videos, and to edit some videos( for creating memory videos). They are also used to store the data materials for studying, surfing through the internet to check your social media posts, and finally, for educational purposes. So for all these activities, you need to have proper RAM storage. All these activities can create many caches, and under such situations having a good quality RAM of at least 4GB will be efficient for faster operations.  Even a 2GB RAM will be sufficient for these requirements, but when you are working on the laptop for a long time, the cache stored will not be deleted. So under such situations, it is always safe to have a storage of 4 GB RAM.

Hacking utilities

The hackers are the people who require good RAM storage most in the world. So if you are looking for a laptop with hacking utilities, you need to have good storage RAM. This feature is because, as a hacker, you will have the requirement to work for multiple hours, and the process of hacking requires speed more than anything. When you are working on a laptop for multiple hours, the cache on the system will build up to a greater amount, and at the same time, the laptop’s speed will be slowed down. To maintain the speed and use them efficiently, you must have at least 16 GB RAM. But going for a 32GB RAM will be more efficient. When you are hacking a system, you will be connected to another system through the internet and other ways. Your RAM should have the ability to hold the pressure of both the systems, and hence having a 32 GB RAM storage will be a perfect option.

3D modeling

When you are using a laptop for 3D modeling and designing, the requirement for high powered software like Solidworks will be essential. 3D Modelling and animation require a lot of Ram storage space because the caches created by them will be of high data, and hence the RAM should be powerful enough to withstand them. Using RAM storage of at least 16 GB is essential for these requirements. The RAM should function at a faster rate to create designs faster and also for exporting them quickly. Going below this particular RAM storage will reduce the speed when you are working on multiple programs simultaneously. 

Online video chats and internet browsing

Suppose you are a normal person who uses the laptop for entertainment purposes like video chatting and checking social media status. This feature might seem like a simple job, but you understand that when you spend hours on the computer searching the internet, the caches created will be more.  Hence having good quality RAM will become a necessity. So using simple RAM storage of 2 GB will not be sufficient. The better option for you is to choose storage of 4GB – 8GB. This feature is the best option available in the market. The video chatting sessions combined with online teaching will require you to multitask at the same time. You will have all your presentations open, and the video chat screen will also be active. So when you are using a laptop, make a wise choice according to your usage and choose the best option, which is an 8 GB RAM.


Similar to the ideas mentioned above, the requirement of the RAM varies for different programs. So make a wise choice depending upon the profession you are choosing. The program installed within the laptop plays a major role in purchasing the most suitable RAM. If you are purchasing the laptop as a whole, you can decide on a particular RAM and purchase accordingly. But if you are purchasing the RAM separately and upgrading it in your current laptop, then there are certain things that you need to consider. They include the ability of the laptop and the processor to hold that particular RAM. Some processes will not have the capacity to withstand heavy RAM storage. So while you are performing upgrading, make sure that the processor is perfect for such an upgrade. Also, when you are purchasing a new laptop, make sure that it can withstand any future upgrade. This feature will allow you to make any changes required in the motherboard if your professional requirements change. So purchase the best laptop and enjoy working efficiently.