Are 2 in 1 Laptop Worth It?

With modern technology development, most people are interested in purchasing a laptop with two in one technology. This particular technology allows you to use the laptop as a tablet and also as a laptop. Here, the laptop screen attached to the keyboard can be folded back to be converted into a tablet. The screen comes with the ability to rotate at 360 degrees angles. The recent model designs are made so that the screen can be eradicated and used as a touch screen alone when not required. This feature allows you to carry the laptop everywhere according to your requirement and travel light under certain circumstances. This technology is the most powerful and widely used among users, including the students and designers. The work is made easy and simple using this technology. When you are thinking about purchasing a laptop, the design and model will make a big decision. Most people prefer this particular 2 in 1 Technology because of their beautiful look and ability to use them as multiple models. But one of the most significant disadvantages in this current model is that they are costlier than the other models, and hence some people think it is worthwhile to purchase it. If you are one such person, then read the passage below to understand its uses in detail so that you can make a final decision.

What is a 2 in 1 laptop?

2 in 1 laptop is a modern technology-based laptop that can serve as a notebook and a Tablet. This particular technology will allow you to enjoy both the features in a single product. But one major issue that people face with this specific model is that they use slim technology for designing the laptop, which prevents the usage of powerful processors and components within them. There are a variety of models and Designs present within this particular 2 in 1 model laptop. They are commonly called as the convertibles, and the screen comes along with a touch Technology. These modern laptops have slim technology, and hence they are easy to carry around everywhere. The main reason you are going to choose to purchase a convertible laptop is its ability to use it as a Tablet. So if you do not have the requirement for such usage, then you might as well not buy it because purchasing a touch screen technology-based laptop is better than the convertible laptop. 

Types of convertibles

Most of the entrepreneurs and business delegates prefer having a 2 in 1 laptop because it allows them to carry the things around according to your requirement. If you are thinking about purchasing a convertible laptop, the first thing you have to do is to understand the type of convertibles available in the market. Let us now read about them in detail. 

Normal convertible

This type of 2 in 1 laptop was initially discovered, which allows you to rotate the screen to a 360-degree format where you can use the notebook model laptop as a Tablet. The entire screen is attached to the keyboard through a flexible hinge. This model 2 in 1 laptop is more powerful and widely used because of its reliability and quality. But one thing you need to understand in this model is that when you convert the laptop into a tablet, the tablet’s width will be larger than the regular tablets. So if you are okay with the size and the performance, you can go for this model. Since the screen is connected to the keyboard, it allows all the important parts like the motherboard to be placed within the keyboard part, allowing you to enjoy the advanced features. 

Detachable keyboard

The next important model available in the market for a few years is the laptops with a detachable keyboard. This particular model allows the screen to be taken separately and operated like a tablet. But the one major issue with this particular design is that since they can be removed from the Hinges, all the laptop processors are placed within the screen, which provides insufficient space for the important features to be included. So it will be practically impossible for you to have some of the advanced features in this type of laptop. But if you are purchasing a laptop for basic requirements and convenience, this particular model will be suitable. The hinge quality will be useful, but since it is a new model reviewing, it might be a difficult decision to make. 

Advantages of the model

This particular model laptop is widely used as a portable device that can be carried around everywhere.  If you are looking for a device that can be carried everywhere and used even when you are standing up, then this particular 2 in 1 model is the best choice for your requirement. But when you are purchasing a 2 in 1 model, the better option is to choose a design with more advanced features despite the price. The model is comfortable for writers and other professionals like the designers concentrating on creating designs with their own hands.  They can not just be used as a simple laptop and a tablet. They can also be used in a standby mode by placing it in the form of a tent. This design was created for the users’ comfort, and they have been providing comfort all over. 


This particular design’s major disadvantages are their inability to hold some of the powerful components within themselves. The processors used will not be powerful, and they rely on the integrated graphics for running efficiently. The main aim of designing this particular model was to create a design with slim technology. So the quality of the performance was not the initial priority for these laptops. So technically, this laptop is suitable for users with basic purposes and not for professional people. The price of laptops is also considerably higher because of this modern technology. So do not expect to have a heavy feature for the price you are purchasing. The price is for the design and portability. So if you want the same price performance, you have to choose a standard model with touchscreen technology. 


  • This particular model laptop is suitable for students who are learning in University and also for school students. They are stylish, and they can run simple programming language tools combined with the other basic tools like the MS office and video players. The students can work on their projects efficiently with the touchscreen technology, and they can be carried around to the universities for discussing it with teammates and staff. The processor speed and the storage provided by this particular laptop will be sufficient for the students who are using it. But after moving towards professional status, this laptop will not be suitable, and you can shift their purpose as an extra laptop for home-usage.
  • This laptop is also suitable for online video chats and online tutorials between the staff and the students. If you are a student , teacher, or employer looking forward to having contact with fellow members through online video chats, this particular laptop is the best option. If you are a Traveller, then this specific laptop will be efficient for carrying around. You can use the keyboard when required and move around with the tablet when you are passing around. The best option is to choose a laptop with the best option or features present in the market to enjoy the maximum performance possible.
  • These laptops are suitable for certain other purposes like for the personal assistant, editors, and writers. They are comfortable to carry around and take notes. Using a stylus pen will allow you to write directly on the laptop and create drawings or images in CAD. But also remember you can perform by normal designing and animations with this laptop. The features are limited, and they cannot be used for professional purposes.  They can be used as an extra laptop for designing purposes alone.
  • These laptops are suitable for kids who are trying to learn drawing and writing. They can be used for creating some of the best digital drawings of the world. They can be used as a pastime for the kids while traveling in cars and other vehicles. This feature will show them to interact effectively with some of the best educational applications present and learn efficiently.
  • They can also be used in the kitchen in tent mode to view videos while cooking and leisurely. These laptops can also be combined with the other Alexa systems for efficiency, and they can increase the performance of the systems. You can also connect the laptop to the CCTV security camera so that you can keep a watch on your children playing outside while being in the kitchen using this particular laptop. They are not just simple but also elegant for usage. 


This particular laptop model is worth it, depending upon your requirement. So make a suitable choice depending upon your profession, travel history, and programs you will install within the laptop.