6 Reasons To Avoid Buying Cheap Gaming Mouse

Everyone is well aware that in today’s world, there is a huge number of innovations that a person can come across every day. On Play Store or App store, we can find an average of 500+ games is released daily based on the research done in 2018. In this competitive situation, we can imagine how exactly the innovations might be. 

In these instances, if one uses a cheap mouse, they may lag with multiple inconveniences while using it. In this innovative world, we can find games like RTS, MMORPG, MMO, FPS, etc. Here, it is very important to analyze your gaming mouse click per second, also known as CPS. Check this site to completely analyze your mouse’s CPS.

Including CPS, there are few things that a person must know about his gaming mouse which might not be available in their product or if they prefer to buy a cheap one that is availed in the current market. 

Let’s now look into the various features and reasons that are to be avoided before buying a cheap gaming mouse in the market.,

CPS Deterioration:

CPS is nothing but the number of times the user can click their mouse buttons. It will differ based on the mouse that a person buys. If the pressure that the user provides to his mouse is higher, then the CPS will automatically deteriorate. Cheap mouses might have lesser CPU when compared with high-end mouses. 

Low Latency For High-end Gaming:

Latencies are the delivery speed of the input signal towards the movement of the mouse. If a user uses a cheap mouse that holds low latency for high-end gaming, then the input signal might not reach the screen on time. This can lead the user to be eliminated from the games. 

Worst Sensors :

A budgeted and cheap mouses do not hold the best, top, and high-end sensors. The sensors are the ones who are responsible for tracking the movement of the user. Sensors like optical, pro-optical, or laser must be select based on the requirement but not because of the budget.

  • LED Display And Lights:

Often optical sensors come with LED lights which will help in the easy transmission of the input signal to the system. But this is not the same with the laser sensor the positives and negatives overlap each other because of its penetrating nature. 

Even though the user’s device holds any of these sensors, they might be of cheap quality. In this case, the quality will be compromised, which might not produce the result as per the required expectations.

Even if you think that the product has more LEDs and lights, they can be of cheap quality. It is always better to avoid judging a book by its cover.

Low-Quality Parts:

People might wonder that they get a good feature with less pay towards their mouse, but they are unaware of the compromise that they undergo on their product. The external and internal parts of the product must be of low quality when the features increase at a cheap rate as the cost of the actual part are at a high rate.

  • Flawless Working:

The working flow of the mouse will automatically be reduced due to its sensors, DPI’s CPS’s, and so on. The flaws will occur if the input signal is not accurately transmitted towards the system. When all the parts are not up to their mark, the functioning will not be up to its mark. 

The user has to know that the price is not the only thing that has to come up in their mind. Each user has to analyze whether the price that we pay is worth the product and its feature.

Despite buying a cheap product with multiple features, the user can select the product with a proper and flawless working product where the price can go up to a level.  

Irregular DPI:

The DPI of the products denotes the dots per inch, which is also known as the CPI that is counts per inch. These features are equally important when compared to the about-listed things when it comes to a mouse.

High DPI can let the movement of the cursor to a large distance when a low DPI can let the movement of the cursor only to a short distance. This feature must not be underestimated because the movement of the cursor is different and relevant to the usage. Because of the cheap product availability, one must not deviate from the decision part with respect to DPI.

Fewer Switches & Lesser Extra Buttons Features: 

The cheap price product cannot afford to have more buttons and switches with high quality, which might not last long because low-quality products are likely to be gone easily even after least usage and proper maintenance. When a user considers long-term usage, then the cheap products do not satisfy the user. In some cases, the cheap products might not have more buttons flexibilities either. 

Cons Of Using A Cheap Mouse:

There is more probability of the worst gaming experience with the cheap devices the user might tend to lose his game due to low quality and cheap gaming product. If the first feature latency itself is pushed towards the failure, there is no use in it. 

As the price deteriorates, the feature of the products also deteriorates; they are always directly proportional and also directly understandable. 


Technology is always growing up very fastly. It is very important for us to grow up with it. At the same time, we are utilizing a cheap quality gaming mouse for a high-end gaming technology, which might be an inappropriate match between them. It is always important to be upgraded with better and advanced technology.

Consider all the above-listed things before you plan to buy a cheap mouse. And if you are one among the users of it, then decide to buy a better feature mouse that will support you and the high-end technologies.