How To Clean A Tefal Iron?

Do you want to know how to clean a Tefal iron? Are you also busy with your work and do not get enough time to clean it? Then, let me help you.

In the blog, I will share easy but effective methods to clean irons so that your Tefal iron lasts long and you do not have to spend a lot of time cleaning it.

The Basic Steps to Clean Iron

Tefal is a popular brand and provides you with irons designed with modern technology and offers you the best possible experience of ironing your favorite clothes.

But everything needs proper maintenance, and iron is not an exception. If you do not take good care of your iron, it will not last very long, and you have to repurchase it.

My focus will be to provide the necessary systematic explanation of the steps to be followed when cleaning your Tefal iron. So let us look into it.

You have to follow three basic rules if you want your iron to be maintained properly.

  • Cleaning:

Since iron is an electronic gadget, you need to be extra careful while handling this.

  • Unplug: Make sure that you have turned the switch off and unplug your iron.
  • Wait: Do not try to touch your iron just after you are done using it. Let it cool down a bit.
  • Empty: Tefal iron is manufactured by incorporating an anti-calc valve into it to provide you with the best steaming and ironing experience. You have to empty the reservoir before following the net step.

  • Remove: Gently remove the anti-calc valve and place it somewhere safe.
  • Solution: To clean the valve properly, you have to prepare a liquid cleaning solution beforehand. Pour some vinegar or lemon juice into a container where you can completely submerge the valve. Both vinegar and lemon juice are slightly acidic and hence, excellent cleansing agents. These will not damage your anti-calc valve as well.
  • Place the valve: Put the valve into the solution prepared by you. Make sure it is completely submerged into it.
  • Let it Rest: Leave it like this for at least 3 hours. After that, it will be best if you can wait for 4 hours.
  • Rinse: Take the valve out of the solution and simply rinse with plain water.
  • Wipe off: Wipe the excess water off using a cloth.
  • Put it Back: Put the valve back into your iron.
  • Taking Care of Soleplate:

You also have to take good care of the soleplate of your iron. You should clean it regularly.

Wiping: Take a small piece of cloth and sprinkle some water onto it. Now, remove any dust or grime from the soleplate with its help.

Occasional Maintenance

  • Empty: Every time you are done using your Tefal iron, make sure that you empty the water reservoir as well. It will be of no good if water is left within it.
  • Closing: Tefal irons are especially famous because of their technology that provides you with excellent steaming performance. To keep your iron in good condition, you need to close the steam control every time you use it.
  • Thermostat: Do not forget to set the thermostat at the minimum.

Alternative Way to clean Tefal Irons

If you do not have enough time to clean it thoroughly, you can follow this method.

  • Unplug: After using, unplug your iron and let it cool.
  • Use Vinegar: Gently open the anti-calc valve and pour vinegar into the water reservoir.
  • Leave Some Space: Do not fill it up to the brink. Instead, make sure that you leave some space in it.
  • Cloth: You will also need to have a piece of cloth or towel that you can wash off easily and place on a table.
  • Plugin: Plug your iron in and turn on the steaming.
  • Empty: Empty the reservoir in your sink.

  • Wait: Wait until all the vinegar comes out of it. This process will clean the reservoir very well.
  • Do Not Touch: Do not try to touch the iron until all the vinegar has come out.
  • Unplug: After that, you can unplug your iron and let it cool down.
  • Wipe off: Once the soleplate has cooled down a bit, you can wipe it with a moist cotton pad or cloth.
  • Refill: Refill the water reservoir with plain water and let it clean any residue.
  • Store: Store the iron in a safe place for the next use.

Things to Avoid:

Besides cleaning your iron, you also have to avoid doing things to keep it in good condition.

  • Do not use metal plates or objects to clean the soleplate. Metal can damage the surface.
  • Also, avoid ironing any sharp metal objects. These types of objects can cause tiny scratches on the surface of your iron.
  • Do not use any detergent or artificial cleaning agent to clean the soleplates.