How To Clean Snake Plant Leave?

Are you looking for how to clean snake plants leaves? Then you are in the right place. Cleaning snake plant leaves very easy procedure. You can start from spraying on plants to trimming off damaged leaves, and there is much more in cleaning snake leaves plans, read this blog completely.

Here are the top methods to clean snake plants easily:

Dusting With a Feather Duster

Every plant has a dust coating after a day of cleaning. It is easy to clean snake plants for dust with a feather duster. Brush snake leaves gently so that dirt may be removed without being too harsh and leaves off the stalk as far as possible.

If dusting is done, keep it near the ground and shake it violently to “emptize” the dust from it. The technique does not always eliminate all dirt and dust but will take your plants with fewer accumulation effects from one cleaning into the next. 

Wiping Off the Leaves

It is one of the best and simple methods to clean snake plant leaves. This method works best if your plant is not that very dirty. To start cleaning the leaves, take a clean cloth with lukewarm water. Apply lukewarm water on plant leaves and wait for 15 seconds to make water to effect. 

Now, use the cloth to clean the dirty leaves. Wipe the cloth on leaves and clean the dirt layer. Please don’t do it under more pressure because it can damage the leaves or leaves can fall off. Also, try to remove excess water from the leaves if there is any. It is How to Clean Snake Plant Leaves with no other products needed. 

Dunk The Snake Plane in The Water

This technique only comes in handy when your plant is very small and has a huge layer of dust on it. When there are huge leaves and plants are bigger, then you cannot do this technique. So before starting this procedure, what you have to do is, first of all, bring a beaker or any type of water tub also good. 

Now fill the water accordingly, and put the plant in the water gently. Please don’t force it because it can drop into the water with dirt. Keep the leaves inside the water for some time and take them out. For this technique, you can use lukewarm water too. 

Rinse Indoor Plants Off in The Shower

It could be in your best interest to simply shower instead if your indoor plants are too huge to tip over and give them a good soaking on the sink or bathroom. Place plants in the bath and carefully pull them out of the dust or filth with lukewarm water. 

Make sure the spray isn’t too strong, hurting, or breaking the plant. When you have rinsed properly, let plants air dry before taking them home. Or, if the water collects on your leaves, wipe them dry gently with paper towels or soft fabric. 

Where salt is produced from fertilization with plant food on the soil (there is a white crust), it works best for the soil and the bottom of the container to be rinsed off. 

Clean Leaves with A Brush

Cleaning leaves with a brush is a good idea. It clears the dust and other particles that are stuck on leaves. Sometimes fungus is also stuck on the leaves of snake plants, so it’s good to clean them. 

In this instance, use a soft brush to purify plant leaves, such as a small craft paintbrush, a soft bristle toothbrush, or something like a mushroom brush. A gentle brush squeeps between the hair filth and dust without damaging it; its soft bristles sweep dirt and debris softly away. 

Spray Snake Plants with A Soap Solution

In the case of considerable filth, your plants might need more than a simple water dip or a spray to clean them up properly. Combining a light soap solution to reduce dirt and sadness when plants are excessively unclean is all acceptable. 

In a small bottle, create a solution with 1⁄4 teaspoon of plum soap per quarter of clean water, mix well and then gently damp down the whole plant while sitting on a sink or in a bath. 

Rinse plants thoroughly with lukewarm water after spraying with a soap solution to eliminate any soap residue. Allow it air dry and then place it in their windows or another preferred spot (or tweak with a clean paper towel or soft towel). 

Why Is Cleaning Your Indoor Plant Leaves Important?

Below are the top crucial points that affect the snake plant and its life. If we clean and take care of them regularly, the plant stays healthy with a longer life span. 

  • Functions of the plant
  • Photosynthesis
  • Gas And Water Vapor Exchange