How To Clean A Secret Lab Chair?

Want to know how to clean a secret lab chair? Best ways to clean a secret lab chair. All about the product that can be used to clean a secret lab chair.

A secret lab chair can be cleaned with different things such as saddle soap which is a soap usually used in the cleaning of leather furniture and some home remedies can be used to keep the chair clean and spot-free.

A secret lab chair is used by a number of people worldwide because they are comfy, gives a good look to your setup, and is perfect if your daily work needs you to sit for several hours. Secret lab chairs are also super good for gaming because gaming requires you to sit for many hours in front of your computer setup so sitting on a secret lab chair will help you to maintain a good posture so that your body does not ache. 

Secret lab chairs are mainly made up of leather, fabric, or suede, these chairs can get dirty over a period of time, you have to clean them regularly in order to maintain their quality and to keep them good for the long run. 

But the problem here is that people don’t exactly know how to clean them, they always have a few questions in their minds like how can I clean my secret lab chair? What are the products which I can use to clean my secret lab chair? And much more. So today you are going to get the answers to all your questions. 

Products Which Can Be Used While Cleaning A Secret Lab Chair:

There are different types of products that can be used to clean a secret lab chair such as: 

  • Secret Lab Premium Leather Cleaner.

This leather cleaner is introduced by the Aftercare Company itself so that it can be used to clean the secret lab chair. But not everyone has this cleaner in their cupboards, do not worry about that because there are other items too which can be used to clean a secret lab chair. 

  • Saddle Soap.

This is a soap that is used to clean leather secret lab chairs. Simply rub the saddle soap on a dry towel and then rub that towel on the secret lab chair to get it clean.

  • Cornstarch.

If you end up getting an oil stain on your secret lab chair then you can use cornstarch or powder because powders have the ability to soak oil. 

  • Hairspray Or Shaving Cream.

If there is an ink mark on your secret lab chair then you can put hairspray or shaving cream on it, which will help the stain to lighten. 

  • Vacuum.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean a secret lab chair as it will suck all the dirt away from the chair. But do not set the Vacuum Cleaner at a high temperature because heat can damage your secret lab chair.

These were the products that can be used in cleaning a secret lab chair now let’s get on the process. 

Steps To Clean A Secret Lab Chair:

There are some steps that you need to follow in order to clean your secret lab chair perfectly.

  • To begin, take a dry cloth and rub off the excess dirt present on your secret lab chair. 
  • Take the leather cleaner or saddle soap in a towel, then rub the areas which are dirty so that they get cleaned. 
  • If there is an oil stain on your secret lab chair, apply some cornstarch or powder on that particular area only and leave it for some time. 
  • Rub the cornstarch or the powder off from the area and you will see that the oil stain has gone. 
  • If you are cleaning a secret lab chair with Vacuum then set it on medium mode and clean it thoroughly. 
  • Always let your secret lab chair air dry. Do not dry it with the help of a hairdryer because heat can damage the fabric of the chair. 
  • Use your secret lab chair only after it is completely dry so that the dirt on your body does not get transferred onto the chair. 


So these were the few steps and products which you can follow and use to clean your secret lab chair. 

You should take care of your secret lab chair because precaution is better than cure, some precautions that you can take are that you should not sweat on your chair, sweat can damage the chair because sweat is acidic in nature as it contains urea. Avoid munching on the chair because pieces of food may get stuck in between the chair arm etc which will make it dirty. 

Secret lab chairs should be cleaned once in two weeks if they are being used excessively. This cleaning is much for secret lab chairs as it will maintain the quality of the chairs and keep them good for a long period of time.