How To Clean Pyrite Crystal?

Are you often wondering with a deep sense of confusion on how to clean pyrite crystal? The blog below will help clear all your confusion regarding the cleansing of pyrite!

People are often confused about methods to clean and purify the pyrite crystal. This confusion is somewhere caused due to the distress of unknowingly harming the crystal. This calls for necessary information about the pyrite crystal and how to clean pyrite crystal. While there are some very tricky methods for the cleansing of the crystal, there are also easier methods available. 

How to clean pyrite crystal? 

Pyrite crystal can be cleaned in the following steps:

1st Method (Cleaning the Pyrite crystal)

This method includes the following steps

  • Step 1. Using a lukewarm water stream to get rid of the dust on pyrite crystal. 

First and foremost, the crystal comes with a layer of dust. Therefore, use a lukewarm water stream to get rid of the dirt. The stream of water helps make the crystal wet and thus helps in the removal of the dirt and chalk layer. 

  • Step 2. Using a brush and liquified laundry detergent

Bring into use a new toothbrush, run it under warm water to make it soft. The next step is to use two to three drops of liquid laundry detergent and pour it into a bowl.

  • Step 3. This step includes the gentle scrubbing of the pyrite crystal using the toothbrush. 

The pirate crystal has an uneven structure with some crooks on it, here and there. This gives way to accumulated dust or dirt in those. This test can be very easily scraped off by using a toothbrush with liquefied laundry detergent. 

  • Step 4. Any soap residuals left on the pyrite crystal are removed using a stream of lukewarm water. 

This is the next step after scrubbing the thyroid clustering using a toothbrush and soap. You have to bring the crystal under a stream of water to get rid of any soap residue. This residue will take a rinsing under lukewarm water 2 to 3 times. 

  • Step 5. Use a clean towel to wipe the water off and let the crystal dry. 

This method of cleaning a pyrite crystal ends with you drying off the water using a towel. Later after drying off the water, these crystals are finally put to rest in the air to dry it off completely. 

2nd Method (Using white vinegar to polish the crystal) 

  • Step 1. Mixing distilled water and white vinegar in a container with a ratio of 2:1.  

This step includes making a mixture of distilled water and distilled white vinegar to the ratio of 2:1. White vinegar is utilized to put out the chalk that might be the remaining on the pyrite crystal. 

If you utilize 2 cups of distilled water, you are obliged to put one cup of vinegar to make the solution work. The acidic nature of white vinegar clears out the chalk particles from the crystal. The distilled white vinegar is very easily available at grocery stores. 

  • Step 2. Let the crystals rest in the vinegar solution formed for 5 minutes. 

Just within 5 minutes, the vinegar will be able to dissolve whatever chalk is left on the crystal. Silk you feel the need of keeping at for a little longer, the maximum you should keep it is 15 minutes. 

  • Step 3. Run the crystal under lukewarm water and let them dry in the air

Take the crystal out of the vinegar solution and run it below the new warm water stream. Finally, let the crystal dry out in the air. 

3rd Method (Use of Oxalic Acid)

  • Step 1. Make a mixture of water and oxalic acid with a ratio of 2:1

While making this mixture make sure to put the water before the oxalic acid. Organic acid has the capacity to turn the crystal more shiny and silvery. 

  • Step 2. Place the crystal in the mixture for over 30 min

The crystal placed under the solution for 30 minutes will help make it shinier and silvery. 

  • Step 3. Using rubber gloves, take the crystal out of the solution

Because the organic acid solution can be harmful to your skin so make sure to use rubber gloves before removing the crystals from the solution. 

  • Step 4. Rinse using lukewarm water

Rinse off the oxalic acid solution using lukewarm water. 

  • Step 5. Use baking soda and water solution to neutralize the crystal

It is very necessary to neutralize the pyrite crystal after the treatment with oxalic acid. This process can be done by using baking soda and water solution for 5 min. 

  • Step 6. Use water to rinse the baking soda and water solution

Later rinse off the solution using water from the pyrite crystal. 

  • Step 7. Let the crystal dry out in the air

Finally, the crystal can be put in the air to dry out and be shinier than ever!