How To Clean Oral Thermometer?

How to clean an oral thermometer? Can oral thermometers be disinfected at home? Can I sanitize an oral thermometer? Ways to clean an oral thermometer. Read further to know more about thermometer cleaning techniques.

Thermometers are helpful when you need to check the body temperature for further treatment.

Disinfecting a thermometer is a necessary task so that you don’t end up spreading germs everywhere and making others prone to illness.

Some thermometers are said to be waterproof and can be washed under running water. But it is always advised to avoid direct contact with water or under running water. It is where you need to know how to clean an oral thermometer.

Now, cleaning the thermometer , especially the oral ones, guarantees you safety from germs. Following the given guidelines will help you come out of the dilemmas related to the cleaning of oral thermometers.

Guidelines for cleaning the thermometer

Precautions are always better

Whenever you use a thermometer (oral), make sure you clean it with a damp cotton ball, even if it is already clean or disinfected.

The after-use formula

Once you have used the thermometer, clean it with dry cotton so that the saliva is cleansed. Always use a dry tissue or cotton ball and not a wet one. A wet cotton ball will smudge the saliva rather than cleaning it.

Sanitize / Sterilize 

Thermometers can either be sanitized or sterilized. Some people prefer doing both for double safety assurance. 

SANITIZE: take the proper amount of a liquid/ gel sanitizer on a cotton ball and rub it all over the thermometer.


Do not use oral thermometers right after sanitization as sanitizer residues are left on them that would cause infection.

STERILIZE: Nowadays compact sterilizers are available at all pharmacies. They are used for sterilizing baby feeding bottles or thermometers. These are easy to use and won’t cost you much. 

Keep aside the thermometer for some time.

After sanitizing or sterilizing a thermometer, keep it aside for some time and clean it with a cotton ball before using it again or casing it back.


Now that you know how to clean an oral thermometer, you can easily follow the given steps to prevent yourself and others from getting infected. Your health and safety are now in your hands.