How To Clean Jordan 1 Suede?

All about how to clean the Jordan 1 suede shoes. Proper products that can be used in cleaning the suede shoes. How to clean the suede shoes the best way.

You can clean your suede shoes by hand; that is the only and good way to clean your suede shoes which will not damage the quality of the shoes. 

As suede shoes are very comfy and good looking, everyone wears them almost every time which results in making them dirty. Dirty shoes are the worst nightmare for working people, but they need to be cleaned in order to be worn again, so how to clean suede shoes? What are the things to avoid while washing them? Are they washable? Can you wash them in the washer? Come, let’s read and find the answers to all of the queries at once. 

Proper Way To Clean Jordan 1 Suede:

There is a proper way to clean your suede shoes; you do not have to throw them in the washing machine because that will damage the fabric and look of the suede. Follow these simple steps to clean your Jordan 1 suede shoes:

  • To begin with, remove the shoelaces from the shoes and keep them aside for now.
  • Take a small bristle brush and rub the shoe smoothly so that the excess dirt comes out of the shoe.
  • Furthermore, take a suede cleaner, or if not available, you can also use a normal cleaner and mix it with water so that it can produce enough lather while washing the shoe.
  • Use cold water in making the soap solution so that it creates enough lather.
  • Take a soft bristle brush and dip it in the soap mixture and then rub it on the shoe so that it creates lather and cleans the hard spots and dirt.

  • Use different sizes of brushes for different areas. For example, you can use small brushes for the edges so that the bristles reach every corner of the shoe and clean it.
  • When the suedes are cleaned enough on one side, wipe them with a dry towel so that the dirt comes out in the towel and then repeat the whole process for other sides too so that the shoe gets completely cleaned.
  • When you are done with the shoes, take your shoelaces and dip them in the soap solution and then you can either rub them by hand to clean them, or you can lay them on the towel and rub the laces with a bristle brush to clean them. 
  • To end, you should air-dry the suede shoes, but don’t put them in direct sunlight because if you do, then the suede shoes can get damaged. 

These were the important ways following which you should wash your Jordan 1 suede shoes because otherwise, you will not be getting your shoes cleaned if you will not follow these simple yet beneficial steps.

Things You Should Avoid While Washing Jordan 1 Suede Shoes:

Obviously, everything has its own advantages and flaws, so there are also some steps which you should not do while washing your Jordan 1 suede shoes, such as:

  • Do not use hard soap or low-quality detergent while washing suede shoes because those soaps will damage the fabric of the shoes. 
  • Do not wash them in direct running water because that will destroy the quality of your suede shoe.

  • Do not wash them in the washer because that will damage the washes as well as the shoes.
  • Do not use very hot water because hot water can damage the quality of the shoes. 
  • Do not dry them in the direct sunlight because that will fade the color of the shoe.
  • Do not use bleach while washing the Jordan 1 suede shoes because the colour will get damaged, and you will end up destroying your shoes. 


By the above content, it is clear that you should be careful while washing your suede shoes because one small mistake can result in a big loss. As these days suede shoes play an important role in daily life for example in the running, work out, hiking, traveling and much more, they tend to get dirty a little sooner. 

That is why it is important to wash your suede shoes at least once a month or once in two months so that they maintain their good quality. You also have to pay attention while washing them because if you don’t, then you will have to invest in new shoes. So instead of investing again and again in new shoes, why not wash them regularly and keep them in a clean place so that they don’t get dirty that easily? 

Yes, that is always a better option; in this way, you will be saving your suede shoes for good. In the end, we should always remember the above steps to follow and also keep in mind the things to avoid while washing the Jordan 1 suede shoes.