How To Cleanse Dzi Beads?

If you are searching for the right procedure for cleaning the Dzi Beads, this blog will be helpful for you. According to the Dzi cultural notions, Dzi beads are strongly associated with the concept of wealth. Therefore, it is considered that you should always clean Dzi beads with pure water before use. I am going to mention all the necessary procedures that you should follow for cleansing Dzi Beads.

In this blog, the procedures for cleaning Dzi beads are mentioned in detail, and I have explained why. However, the most important thing is, you should always clean your Dzi beads properly before you use them. Only then can you expect the actual results from the beads.

The 3-eyed Dzi beads are considered very auspicious by the people who follow Dzi culture. They believe that it can attract good fortune, a good amount of wealth and make situations easier. These beads are specific sort of stones that can be washed or charged before use.

There are two most popular ways to cleanse the surface area of the Dzi beads, and they are mentioned below.


  •  The beads should always be cleansed or washed before use, and this can be done by rinsing them with plain water because water is considered the best cleansing agent and one of the purest liquids available to us. In addition, it is believed that water can eradicate any sort of negativity from the surroundings, especially if it is charged with any sort of positivity. That is why water is considered an excellent cleaning agent.
  • You can clean the beads either by rinsing them with water or submerging them into a container filled with water.

Wipe off: 

  • Once the cleaning is done, and the Dzi beads are perfectly clean, you should properly wipe off the excess water.
  • If the beads are not dried properly, they can be damaged. Therefore, they should not come into close contact with the water for a prolonged period.
  • You can also remove water properly with the help of a dry piece of cloth.


  • Since these are stones, it will always be good if they are charged properly before use.
  • The Dzi beads should be placed where there is an abundance of sunlight directly falling on the surface.
  • The beads should get direct sunlight.
  • The sunlight will charge them with positivity and make them even more powerful and efficient to serve the real purpose.

The Detailed Process to Clean Dzi Beads:

I am going to mention the detailed process of cleaning the Dzi beads one by one.

Container: You will need a small container in which you can put the Dzi beads. It will be better if you clean the container beforehand or just rinse it with water.

Water: Make sure that you use lukewarm water to wash your beads. It will help to purify the stones. However, you should not use hot water to clean the beads because that can damage the surface.

Salt: You may need a specific sort of salt to clean the beads properly. Yushou salt is the most appropriate for this purpose. It is a crystallized salt that you can use to protect the beads from any sort of fungus. If you wash your Dzi beads using this salt, it will not cause you any skin irritation.

Leave Them: You should completely submerge your Dzi beads into the lukewarm water and leave like this for the next 24 hours. After one day, you can take your beads out of water. Water will absorb any sort of negativity associated with the beads, and thus it will purify the beads. In addition, salt is known for neutralizing the energies in the surroundings. Therefore, salt and water are the two most important things when it comes to cleaning.

Brushing: After one day, you can also brush the outer layer of the beads very lightly so that it does not damage the surface. You can use any sort of soft toothbrush to do this. Brushing will work like a scrubbing agent.

Put it Back: After brushing, place the beads into that container filled with water for half an hour.

Dry Them: The next step that you have to follow is to make the beads completely dry. You can use any soft cloth to make it dry. 

Sunlight: You can also place the Dzi beads under direct sunlight. The sunlight will charge the beads with positivity and make them suitable for usage. 

Occasional Wiping: After you follow the processes mentioned above, your Dzi beads are ready to use. But you should also take good care of them occasionally by wiping the beads with a soft cloth.

I hope the blog will provide you with the pepper guidance to clean Dzi beads.