How To Clean Oysters At Home?

Are you thinking about relishing oysters but do not know how to clean oysters at home? Let me explain to you the processes and techniques to clean them at home.

The Methods of Cleaning Oysters:

All of us love to eat oysters. But most of us prefer buying them from outside because we do not know how to clean them properly before eating. But thoroughly cleaning the oysters is very important as not cleaning them following the proper method may cause stomach infection.

Also, you will need to follow some basic safety measures because there is a special technique involved in cleaning oysters. If you have not tried raw oysters before, do not try to eat them without cooking. There are various easy methods to cook them. 

Also, it is better if you have a protective hand glove and a specific type of knife for taking them out of the shell. The shell is hard enough. So, do not try to open it forcefully.

In this blog, I will share the basic steps to clean the oysters at home so that you can enjoy them in the comfort of your home.

Choosing the right oysters:

  1. Make sure that you buy those oysters that are caught in the water. Ensure that the oysters you buy were alive. Always go for the fresh oysters.
  2. Do not buy oysters that are already dead. For example, if the shell is broken or does not open up after pressing, do not buy them.

Storing Oysters:

  • Grab a plate and place the oysters on them upside down.
  • Cover them with a moist towel 
  • Do not cover them too tightly because poor air circulation can kill them.
  • Please do not wash them before storing them because they cannot live in freshwater.
  • Place the plate inside the refrigerator.
  • Store them for two consecutive days.

Cleaning Oysters:

  • Take the plate out of the refrigerator and place the oysters into a kitchen bowl.
  • Place the bowl under running tap water.
  • Wash your hands and start scrubbing the outer layers of the oysters.
  • Put gentle pressure to make sure that no dirt is stuck on them.
  • Do it safely because you do not want all the dirt going inside the shells.

Preparing the Oysters:

  • After cleaning them, start getting them ready one by one.
  • If you find a broken shell, then consider discarding that oyster. A broken shell implies that the oyster has died. 
  • Wash your knife properly.
  • Wear a hand glove or anything to protect your hands from the knife.
  • Place a clean towel or a plate to place the oysters on it.
  • Start splitting the shells one by one. Use the knife if you cannot do it with your hand. But make sure that you do not get a cut.
  • Find a small indent on the outer layer of the shell and insert the tip of your knife there.
  • Gently put pressure, and the shells will open.

Get it Ready:

  • If you prefer eating them without cooking, serve the oysters on a plate and enjoy.
  • If you want to cook, saute them a little bit with extra-virgin olive oil, or you can also bake them.

Additional Tips to Clean Oysters at Home:

  • Make sure you buy only the fresh oysters.
  • Have a protective glove and a sharp knife in your hand if you are fond of oysters. You can find knives that are specifically made for oyster cleaning. Do not use an ordinary and blunt knife because this can cause serious cuts.
  • If the shells are already open after storing in the refrigerator, do not eat them.
  • Grab a sharp knife and steady your hands. If you are right-handed, hold the oyster in your left hand and the knife in your right hand.
  • Hold the oysters upside down in your hand and find the indent on the shell. Insert the tip of the knife through that indent. Do not try to break the shell. You have to follow a specific technique to break open the shell successfully. After inserting the tip of the knife through the dent, put slight pressure and try to move your hands in the right direction. The technique will help you to break the shell.
  • Keep the outer shell aside. Then, insert the tip of the knife through the flat part of the shell in your hand. Gently run the knife along the flat part, and this will loosen the oyster’s muscles.
  • Serve the oysters on a fresh plate covered with ice. Do not wait for too long. Serve immediately and enjoy them. 
  • You should avoid eating oysters if you suffer from liver dysfunction or any other kind of stomach disease. Also, animal protein should not be consumed raw. Instead, it will be better if you bake them or cook them a little bit.