How To Clean Fjällräven Kånken?

Don’t know about how to clean a fjällräven kånken bag? Looking for how to clean your fjällräven kånken bag the right way? Things to avoid while washing a fjällräven kånken bag. Things to avoid while cleaning a bag.

Fjällräven kånken is a type of bag, to be more specific it is a school bag. Fjällräven Kånken was introduced in 1978 by the Swedish people, they invented it so that the school-going children maintained a good posture.

Fjällräven Kånken bags are very popular because they are durable, they do not get spoiled easily, and are also good-looking. These bags are sold as soon as they arrive in markets. They are available in many bright colors and also have a number of pockets. As school students have to keep many things in the backpack that is why this bag is successful.

As these bags are used for a long period of time, they get dirty, usually more on the lower side. They no longer look good when they are dirty, that is why they need to be cleaned every two to three months so that they remain their quality. 

So if you are searching for how to clean your fjällräven kånken bag, then you are at the right place. 

Here is how your fjällräven kånken bag can be cleaned, do not worry it is very easy to clean a fjällräven kånken bag and it takes a maximum of one hour from your day to clean it.

Steps To Clean Your Fjällräven Kånken Bag

These are the ways following which you can wash your bag the right way:

  1. To begin with, empty your bag, check each and every pocket and remove everything from them. 
  2. After that, dust off the excess dirt on the bag with a soft bristle brush or a clean cloth.
  3. Take a liquid detergent, you can take normal laundry detergent to wash your fjällräven kånken bag but it has to be liquid.
  4. Mix the liquid detergent with a cup of warm water in a container.
  5. Mix the water and detergent well so that it cleans perfectly.
  6. Now take a soft bristle brush and dip it in the soap solution.
  7. Take that brush and rub it on the dirty areas on your bag.
  8. You can also use a small size brush for the edges of your bag. Or where the big brush can not clean it properly. 
  9. Rub all parts of the bag thoroughly so that they get cleaned.
  10. After rubbing, wash the bag under running water, washing a fjällräven kånken bag in the running water will not damage it.
  11. After washing the bag, let it air dry overnight, do not put it in extreme sunlight, air dry the bag indoors.
  12. After performing all these above steps your bag will be ready to use. 

Things To Avoid While Cleaning A Fjällräven Kånken Bag

There are also some things which you should avoid while cleaning your fjällräven kånken bag so that your bag does not get dirty. The things which should be avoided are as follows:

  1. Do not use any dishwashing detergent or hard detergents in washing your fjällräven kånken bag.
  2. Do not use hot water because hot water will damage the quality of your bag.
  3. Do not use a hard bristle brush when rubbing the fjällräven kånken bag because that will make scratches on your bag.
  4. Do not use bleach while cleaning your fjällräven kånken bag because bleach will fade away the bright color of your bag as bleach is known for messing up the colors of the clothes.
  5. Do not rub the brush hardly on the bag’s surface because that will damage the bag.
  6. Do not place the bag in the direct sunlight to dry, your bag will get damaged by that. 
  7. Wash your fjällräven kånken bag by hand, do not wash it in the washing machine because that will tear the fabric of your bag and also make a lot of noise. Washing your bag in the washing machine may damage your washing machine too. 
  8. Always empty your bag before washing it to avoid injuries while cleaning.


Fjällräven Kånken bags are a huge success that is why everyone uses them, when they are being used every day, they get in contact with dust, dirt, and pollution that is why they get dirty often. And it is a must to clean them once in a while. 

As these fjällräven kånken bags are delicate, soft and have good quality of colours, they need extra care while washing. This is why you should always clean your fjällräven kånken bags by hand, delicately rub the dirty areas of the bag to clean it. 

You can follow the above-mentioned ways to clean your fjällräven kånken bag. You also need to keep some things which you should not do while cleaning your bag. Those things are also mentioned above, you can read them so that you don’t damage your bag.