How To Clean Fans At Home?

Cleaning the fans can be pretty exhausting, especially if you do not have proper techniques to follow. In this article, we have explained the various methods that can be used to make your fans look beautiful and shining.

When it comes to how to clean fans at home, there are specific cleaning techniques that you can follow regularly. Washing a fan requires a lot of patience and hard work. Usually, people just brush it off with a simple broom or cloth. But to maintain the entire quality of the product, it is necessary to use other cleaning forms. If you are a person who is constantly wondering about new techniques that can be used for cleaning the fans at home, then this passage will be helpful. 

There are two types of fans available, and among them, ceiling fans are the most competitive. To clean a ceiling fan effectively, these are some of the techniques available. 

Vacuum cleaner

The first and more manageable step available is using a vacuum cleaner to clean any type of dust particles. Using this technique, you can clean the dust without making them fall on any other surface area. But sometimes, despite using the vacuum cleaner, that might be particular dust that might fall on the surface due to the touching of the tube. This technique is more straightforward, and by wiping your fan regularly daily, you will be able to avoid the long-term accumulation of dust particles. This technique is suitable only for daily cleaning and not for monthly cleaning. 

Ladder and cloth

This is one of the traditional techniques of cleaning that is widely used in most household areas. Use the ladder to climb up and wipe it with a plain cloth or a wet cloth. Even though this might seem simple, sometimes there are certain dangers like falling off the ladder or someone switching on the fan without noticing you. So before climbing up, always make sure someone accompanies you to ensure your safety while cleaning the fan. 

You can either use warm water for a detergent solution or cleaning the fan. Always remember to keep the fan switched off until they are scorched for safety and cleanliness purposes. Switching on the fan while it is wet might damage the internal processors. Similarly, the dust particles in the surroundings might get stuck when switching one hand while it is wet. So use techniques that are easy and always dry off the fan with a dry cloth if possible. 

Long foldable brush

While common brooms are preferred, other options like foldable fluffy brooms made up of microfibres are better than natural items. These fibers can be more powerful, and they can absorb dust particles at a faster rate. Unlike other brooms, they are more powerful and can be cleaned by standing from the bottom. The brush can be easily folded, and hence you can clean it according to your wish. Wet cleaning is not possible, and hence by cleaning regularly, you can maintain the hygiene environment of your fan. 


While most of the above techniques will result in an increased amount of dust particles being released into the room, you can make the cleaning process more accessible with the help of this recent technique, and it does not require any costly item. All you need is a simple pillowcase that is quite old and ready to be thrown away. Get on top of the ladder and cover The blade of the fan using the pillowcase. Then start wiping the dust particle using the top layer of the pillowcase. This will allow the dust particles to fall within the pillowcase. Thus, they are more advantageous, and this technique can be used for both dry and wet cleaning. In addition, they will save a lot of time since you would not have any dust particles on the floor to be cleaned up. Disposing of the dust particles is also relatively easy with this technique, and hence you can do your cleaning quickly. 

Baby wipes

When you have a fan with grease and heavy dirt particles on them, the best option is to use baby wipes combined with a degreaser. In this technique, all you need to do is climb on the ladder and use the baby wipes to clean the surface of the fan. If you still feel greasy at the end, the best option is to use a degreaser to clean the fan’s surface. After completing the cleaning, dry wipe the fan. Even though the baby wipes are made up of simple materials, they are effective.

Materials used

Regardless of the above techniques, if you are manually cleaning the fan, make short hot water or detergent solutions. While using these solutions, ensure that a person is standing below to hold them. Also, do not place them on the ladder to slip or higher with such liquids. There are also grease removing solutions available along with cleaners that are effective against such dirt. So purchase such a product and clean them effectively. Baby white or whites immersed in Soapy solutions or always a better option since they are cleaners and easy to dispose of. All the aforementioned techniques apply only to ceiling fans, while the portable fans can be easily cleaned. 

If you are cleaning portable fans on the floor, the only process required is to remove the grid and clean everything with standard hot water-dipped cloth material. 


So if you are wondering how to clean a fan at home, these are the common techniques available. They might seem like a simple concept, but they are pretty adequate, and multiple materials are present for making the cleaning process more manageable. Always be careful by cleaning the fans located in the ceiling. Make sure to switch off the power before processing anything. Regular cleaning will prevent greasiness and other hard dirt from accumulating in the fan. So clean them effectively for a neat home and clean air.