Top 6: Tips To Clean Dyson Fan Filters

Are you searching for ways to clean Dyson fan filters? Then, finally, it looks like you are in the right place! Read this blog below to get your answer in detail.

Dyson fans are used for better lifestyle promotion. Fans with no blades make it unique and easily accessible. The solution to clean the Dyson fan filter is straightforward and quick. First, remove. Then, take the Dyson filter, following which should be washed with cold water only. Must keep the filters aside to dry completely and then put it back to where it belongs. Can clean the front and back vents with paper towels or, for best results, with a vacuum cleaner.

How to clean Dyson fan filter and the easy procedures:

In this blog, the procedure to clean a Dyson fan filter is mentioned in detail. However, before starting the cleaning process, you should keep it in mind to turn off the power to avoid electric shock and accidents.

Dyson fans are famous because of no external blades making them safer than any other conventional fans. Another advantage is the easy cleaning process of this fan. Let’s take a look at the procedures below.

Step 1: Remove the ring:

 Take out the plug from the switchboard and allow the Dyson fan to cool before removing the ring. Then, remove the ring, take a moist cloth, and clean inside and outside the fan in a long and swift motion with less pressure. You can use wet paper towels as an alternative.

Step 2: Locate the vent of the fan:

 Vents of a Dyson fan get dirty easily. vents help accumulate the dirty air giving you purified air. You can find the vent in rows of circular spots in a square pattern. The back vent is at the bottom of the Dyson fan. At times, it may depend on your fan model.

Step 3: Vacuum the bank vent:

Get a vacuum and attach a tube or brush to its extension, capable of cleaning smaller areas. Place it in the square vents and move in a steady and methodical movement during vacuuming. Compressed air can to be used as an alternative. Take a brush to remove the excess dust sticking by the side.

Step 4: Remove dust from the fan:

Hold the bottom of the fan with one hand and twist the top in a counter-clockwise motion. Take a baby wipe or a moist cloth to wipe the dust. There is a mechanical portion visible in the blades; use the material to clean the inside lightly. It is advised to clean the top of the fan with a moist cloth. It would be best if you took special care to clean this portion, being very delicate.

Step 5: Remove the filters:

Please take out the filters from the machine by pulling them out. Wash it under running water or cold water and avoid using water with a high temperature. Please keep them in an isolated place to dry. Take the filters, put them back to the machine, and close the fan unit in a circular motion. Adjusting the filter might take some time.

Step 6: Reassemble the fan:

Let the fan and its filters dry. Then, take the ring and place it back to the vent, reattach it in a circular motion and assemble the wires. Put the plug and turn on the switch when in use. It is recommended to clean the filters and interiors at least twice a year to avoid dirt.

Replacing the filters:

Filters of Dyson fans are not tough and are advised to be used with care. If the filters are not working or get damaged by the cleaning process, it’s advised to change the filters. Follow the following steps to replace filters

  • Turn off the fan to avoid electric shock
  • Detach the fan from the socket
  • Lift the ring and take out the filter
  • Brush the surface gently
  • Avoid using water supplies
  • it would be best if you did not clean the inside of the fan with a moist cloth
  • Insert the new filter
  • Return the filter housing
  • Reattach the fan ring
  • Plugin the fan and enjoy the cool air

Essential things which are needed to clean the Dyson fan filter:

  • Water
  • Moist cloth
  • Brush
  • Vacuum
  • Extension
  • Blow drier
  • Natural sunlight or air 

Look for blockages and clean the filters

  • Look for dust chunks in the air holes of the vent.

  • Use a soft brush to remove the scrub.

  • Don’t use any soda, detergent, or sope base.

  • Push the side buttons to release and lift the machine.

  • Reach the bottom of the device with a paintbrush.

  • Remove the dust from the bottom.

  • Refill the machine by attaching the base.

  • Put the plug back and turn on the switch.

  • The fan is thoroughly cleaned now.