How To Clean DVDs That Skip?

Want a solution of DVD skipping, freezing and crashing? All about DVD Cleaning. How to get rid of DVD scratches? Always busy buying new DVDs? Simple things that can be used in cleaning DVDs.

DVDs can be cleaned by various products such as rubbing alcohol and toothpaste etc. You will need some more materials to clean the DVDs along with the products such as paper towels or cloths etc.

The causes are several skips in DVDs. The reasons are the accumulation of dust on the DVD. Because of these scratches, the DVDs get stuck, freeze or even crash. These DVDs get scratches mostly when they are outside the DVD player, whenever they are kept outside they come in contact with many things like hands, keys, and sharp things. 

So are you still confused about how to clean the DVDs that skip? Or what are the right products to use while cleaning the DVD so that you won’t destroy it? Do not worry, the steps are very simple and you can clean it the right way by following these steps.

Ways To Clean DVDs.

Here are some ways in which you can clean the DVDs. One is the rubbing alcohol way and the other one is the toothpaste way.

Rubbing Alcohol Way. 

  1. First, take your DVD and clean the extra dirt from it using a duster or a cloth.
  2. Then take rubbing alcohol and spray it on the mirror side of the DVD.
  3. After spraying alcohol, take a paper towel or you can even use a microfiber cloth and rub the DVD from inside to outside to clean it.
  4. Now, dry the DVD with a towel.
  5. The DVD will be perfectly clean after these above steps.

Toothpaste Way:

  1. Take gel or white toothpaste only to clean your DVD 
  2. Apply the toothpaste all over the mirror side of the DVD and rub it.
  3. What this toothpaste does is that it fills all the gaps or scratches if any on the DVD.
  4. Then wipe the DVD with your hands or with a paper towel or you can wash it under running water. 
  5. Now dry the DVD with a normal towel, now it is clean and you can use it whenever you want.

There are also some things which you need to avoid while cleaning the DVD so that you don’t damage it. If you do not keep those things in mind and just wash the DVD with literally anything then you will be spoiling your DVDs. 

Things To Avoid While Cleaning The DVD.

  1. Do not use tissue paper, toilet paper, or local clothes to clean the DVD. Using them can damage the quality of the DVD. 
  2. Always dust off the extra dirt on the DVD because if you don’t do it then while cleaning it will create more scratches on your DVD.
  3. Do not clean the DVD in circular motions because that will end up in making more spots on the DVD.
  4. Do not use normal house detergents to wash your DVD.
  5. Do not use a liquid detergent while washing DVD because it will create a lot of lather which will be difficult to remove later on. 
  6. After washing, only use the DVD when it is dry. Do not use it when it is wet because that can damage the DVD as well as the DVD player. 
  7. Do not use any appliance like a hair dryer to dry the DVD because heat will damage the quality of the DVD.


As DVDs are available in a large quantity and nearly every person uses it, it is present in every household. Mostly these DVDs are kept in DVD cases or else in a container, this is why they tend to get dirt and scratches on them often. 

When the DVD has scratches on it, it becomes difficult for the DVD to show the content inside it as it skips or freezes. Mostly there are games in the DVD’s and if the DVD gets scratches then while playing the game may lag a lot or it can even crash which results in no fun. This is why it is very important to clean the DVDs whenever they get too many scratches because if you don’t then the DVD will be spoiled. 

You can also take precautions if you don’t want to ruin your DVDs like you must keep DVDs in a proper manner, do not just throw them here and there. You must keep the DVDs away from the toddlers because they can throw it or bang it on hard surfaces which will result in breaking of the DVD. 

DVDs should be cleaned after a certain period of time or when there is a technical issue while playing them. You will know when to clean your by the DVD itself, so whenever the time comes, clean it and store it in a clean case so that it can be used for the years to come.