How To Clean Dust From Room?

If you want to know how to keep your room clean and how to clean dust from room, keep reading this blog.

Why Is It Important to Rooms Clean?

Before knowing the methods to clean dust from the room, we have to know the benefits of keeping rooms clean. 

Maintaining proper hygiene is very important. We keep ourselves clean by having a shower regularly; in the same way, we should also keep the place clean where we reside.

People who suffer from dust allergies cannot breathe properly in stuffy or dusty areas. Also, not cleaning our rooms may cause some affect our health badly. 

We should also clean the spider webs because the tiny particles of dust and smoke get caught in the web. Rooms with spider webs inside them look bad as well as very harmful for the health. Children can accidentally touch the ground and transfer the germs and bacteria in their mouths through their hands. They can drop their spoons or toys, and if the floor is not clean, the toys become the medium of transferring germs in their bodies. To protect the lives of our family members, we should regularly clean our rooms.

The Methods of Cleaning Dust from The Room:

If we start to clean our rooms systematically, it will be easier for us to clean them without putting in too much effort and save some time. That is why we should need to do proper planning before starting the process of cleaning.

I will share the step-by-step methods below:

  • Protect yourself: The first thing you should do is wear a mask and a hand glove. Dust should not go inside your body, and you should avoid touching any dirt with bare hands. Wearing a mask and hand glove will protect you from both of these.
  • Dusting: Take an old cloth or tissue paper and start dusting the surfaces. Wherever you can see dust, just remove them off the surface. We should do this daily because dust can get in our rooms every day.
  • Cleaning the roof: We cannot clean the roofs easily because we cannot reach them with ease. Take a dusting stick that is specifically made for this purpose and clean all those sticky spider webs.
  • Cleaning surface: Make a DIY cleaning solution by mixing two tablespoons of baking soda into a water bottle. Use a spray bottle and sprinkle the solution on surfaces like mirrors, tables, chairs, and other surfaces. Now, take a moist cloth or wet wipes and wipe the surfaces off. Baking soda can work as an excellent cleaning agent.
  • Vacuum cleaner: Run the vacuum cleaner on the floor at least thrice a week. It can help you to get rid of those unwanted hairs or dust on the floor or carpet.
  • Mopping: Use a mopstick and dip it in water. Squeeze the excess water out of it and mop the floor. If possible, use a floor cleaner and add it to the water. Due to this pandemic situation, keeping the floor as germ-free as possible has become very important.
  • Washing doormats: We often forget to clean our doormats. But, they are more prone to get untidy. Because of the texture of the material, dirt gets stuck on the doormats and does not come off easily. Make sure that you clean those dirty doormats once a month. Make some hot water. Take the doormats in the washroom. Sprinkle some detergent over them and then pour the hot water on them. Leave them for half an hour. Then, take a cleaning brush and rub all the dirt off them. 
  • Washing bedsheet: Wash the bedsheets and pillow covers once in two weeks. Try to use silk bedsheets and pillow covers as the fabric of the silk does not absorb sweat. Also, you should clean them because bedsheets, especially pillow covers, come in close contact with our skin when we sleep. It can cause fungal or acne problems. Avoid using cotton pillow covers.
  • Clean yourself: Do not enter the room before washing your muddy feet. Entering with those muddy feet can make your room unnecessarily untidy, and you have to clean the floor again. Also, consider washing your slippers every time you take a shower.
  • Wipe the window glasses: Window glasses get very untidy and dusty over time. Consider cleaning them every day. Not only do they look bad when they are untidy, but also it is not good for your health. Take a damp cloth and spray some cleaning solution. Then, gently wipe the glasses off.
  • Clean the gadgets: Clean your electronic devices like laptops, computers, tablets, and mobiles daily. They get very untidy, and we spend most of the hours sitting in front of them or touching their screens with bare fingers. Take a dry cloth and remove the dust.