How To Clean Cloth Chair?

How to clean cloth chairs? Is cloth chair cleaning at home a difficult task? Do ingredients at home help me cleaning cloth chairs? Go ahead to know more about how to clean cloth chairs at your home without involving any external factors.

Cleaning a cloth chair isn’t a difficult task at all! All you need is a good cleaning agent and the correct technique. Go through the entire text to know about how to clean a cloth chair.

Chairs and other decor furniture are the highlights of your house. What if they aren’t clean enough to be offered to someone? What’s the use of spending loads of money on furniture? But buying expensive furniture does not always need immoderate cleaning. Cleaning cloth chairs has now become a DIY (Do It Yourself). So let’s start to know about cleaning cloth chairs.

For cleaning the cloth chairs, you don’t have to buy any machine or cost your pocket with a big hole! General ingredients around you are all you need. Nothing fancy and pocket-friendly indeed.

The course of action is to clean cloth chairs

Maintaining the novelty of that beautiful cloth chair is not a challenging task but a little time-staking. But when you get back that sheen of your decor, it’s worth it.

Dust the dirt

Always dust off the dirt and mud particles from the chair that have settled over a long period. Use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose.

Sprit on, stains are gone

Take rubbing spirit or acetone in a spray bottle or cotton ball and apply on the stain-affected areas. It will lighten those stains and help in better cleaning with fewer efforts. 

Soap solution is the solution

Blend a precise amount of any liquid detergent available in your house with water in a spray bottle and spray it all over the fabric/ cloth of the seat, backrest, or any other fabricated areas.

Dip and scrub

Dip a soft-bristled brush in a bowl of lukewarm water and scrub briskly over the fabric carefully as you don’t damage those threads. Brush in a circular motion for better and safe results.

Plain is all you need now

Spray plain water all over the fabric and the chair and wipe it out with a clean and dry cloth.

PRO-TIP: use a vacuum cleaner to pull out excess dirt, soap, and water from the fabric.

Dry it up

Let the fabric dry naturally for a few hours under a fan. Once it dries completely, your cloth chair is clean and ready to enhance the beauty of your house.


Now, you know all the tips and tricks on How to clean cloth chairs. Keep cleaning the cloth chairs every three months. It is a super-friendly way to clean all your fabric chairs and furniture on your own.