How To Clean TCL TV Screen?

The proper way of cleaning the TCL TV screen. Products to use for cleaning of the TCL TV screen. Need help on how to clean a flat TV screen? Steps to make a TCL TV screen spot-free.

TCL TV screens can be cleaned using TV screen cleaning wipes, screen cleaning sprays, and many other substances too. TV screens are delicate and much exposure to water can damage them so do not use excess water in cleaning the TCL TV screens. 

As TV screens have direct contact with sunlight, air, dirt, etc, they tend to get dirty very quickly. People also sometimes touch the TV screen while explaining something or by mistake which results in fingerprints all over the TV screen, these fingerprints are a hassle to remove because they do not go easily. 

When the TV screen gets dirty, the content of the TV becomes unclear and then no fun remains in watching the TV anymore. TV screens can even get spoiled and getting a new TV screen may cost even more than the whole new TV. That is why it is quite important to clean the TV screen regularly so that it is always dust and dirt free. 

When it comes to cleaning the TCL TV screen there are different methods that can be used to clean the screen. You can use these methods if you want good results, and most importantly most of these methods are easy to use and affordable. So now you will not be having any confusion about how to clean the TCL TV screen because you have come to the right place. 

Different Methods Of Cleaning The TCL TV Screens.

There are some methods which can be used while cleaning the TV screen but you have to keep in mind the right things while cleaning the TV so that your TV screen does not get destroyed in the long run. 

  • Dry Cleaning.

This cleaning simply includes a dry good quality microfiber cloth. Take the cloth and dust the whole screen of the TV with little pressure to make it clean, also dust the screen first and then the other parts of the TV. You can do this every day as TV gets some dirt on a daily basis. This cleaning is effortless and barely takes any time. 

Things To Avoid While Dry Cleaning Your TCL TV Screen.

  1. Do not use any tissue paper to clean the TV screen because it can create scratches on your TV screen which will end up making dull patches in the long run. 
  2. Many tissue papers are hard and can damage the screen.
  3. Avoid using bad quality clothes as they will damage the screen. 
  4. Do not use old kitchen clothes which are already in use because they are already dirty and they can transfer their dirt on the TV screen.
  • Wet Cleaning.

In wet cleaning make sure to use a mild liquid detergent and distilled water, take a spray bottle, add distilled water, and a drop or two of the liquid soap. Spray the mixture on a microfiber cloth from a distance and wipe the screen in circular motions. After cleaning, take a new dry cloth and wipe the whole TV screen so that the dirty residue comes off and your TCL TV screen is completely clean. 

Things To Avoid While Wet Cleaning Your TCL TV Screen.

  1. Do not use normal water in making the soap mixture because normal water contains minerals that can scratch the screen of your TV screen. 
  2. Avoid using dishwashing detergents or all-purpose detergents because those detergents have alcohol and ammonia and other chemicals within them which will damage the screen of a TCL TV. 
  3. Do not make the screen get in direct contact with the water because then your TV won’t work. 
  4. For cleaning the TCL TV screen you have to use a damp microfiber cloth that is why using a tissue is not a good option because you can not squeeze the tissue hard because eventually, it will tear. 
  5. Do not use cleaner in more quantity because then it will create much more lather on the screen which will be difficult to remove later on. 


As TV is a common electrical appliance in every household, everybody uses it and children even touch it when watching their favorite shows, they are kept in open when dust and sunlight can reach very easily, they tend to get dirty easily and as they are expensive they need to be cleaned every day so that you won’t have to invest in a new TV screen that early. You must do the dry cleaning every day so that the dirt does not get stuck on the screen and other parts of the TV.

Wet cleaning can be done after several weeks so that the TV screen gets fully cleaned once in a while. While cleaning the TCL TV screen keep in mind the above steps and products which are easily available in the market and are affordable so that you won’t face a problem ahead.