How To Clean CDs That Skip?

Read the article if you are stuck with a greasy CD and know how to clean CDs that skip read the article.

When Should You Clean CDs?

CDs are very delicate, and you have to handle them with utmost care. A slight mishandling can damage the tracks, and your CD will be of no use. So, make sure that you handle them very carefully. Avoid cleaning the CDs when they are working fine. Since we are not professionals, we can damage the CDs while cleaning them.

Now, I will let you know when you must clean the CDs. If you find that your CDs are skipping when you try to play them, it means that the CDs have gone greasy. That is why they do not properly fit in the track. If you find minor scratches on the disc, then do not try to remove them. Do not ever try to follow some weird hacks with banana peel or some other ingredient. I can damage the disc.

The Methods To Clean CDs That Skip:

Do not apply glass cleaner or floor cleaner to clean your discs. The tracks and the material of which CDs are made are very fragile. I will share with you three simple steps to clean your CDs. Do not buy any random cleaning solution. The ingredients present in it may not be suitable for cleaning the discs.

Method one:

  • If you find that the disc is not fitting into the track and it is skipping, it is time to clean it. But, first, you can buy some good quality CD cleaner kit. It comes with a ready-made cleaning solution specifically made for cleaning your discs, and the kit also includes a tiny soft-bristled brush that is suitable for cleaning the dirt out of the discs. 
  • The bristles can clean the dirt from the surface, and you should apply the cleaning solution on a soft glass-cleaning cloth than applying directly on the disc. The cleaning solution will clean the dirt that can be on the top of the disc.
  • It would help if you remembered to always wipe off the dirt from the surface of the discs by following a straight line pattern. Do not wipe it off by following a circular pattern. Since CDs are round in shape, following a circular pattern while cleaning can create tiny scratches. 

Method Two: 

  • If you do not want to buy a cleaning solution, consider buying a good quality anti-static wipe specifically designed for cleaning the discs. The texture and the material of these wipes are suitable for cleaning the discs without damaging them. 
  • You can wipe the CDs off with the wipes or apply some homemade cleaning solution and then wipe the discs. These wipes can also help you to get rid of any mild scratches and dirt.

Now, I will share the methods to make homemade cleaning solutions to clean your CDs.

First Method:

  • Take a spray bottle and fill half of it with plain water.
  • Add one or two drops of mild baby shampoo and mix the two ingredients.
  • Grab a glass cleaning cloth and make sure that it is not harsh for the CDs. 
  • Apply the mixture on the cloth and start wiping the discs from the inside toward the corners.
  • Insert one finger through the hole and grip the disc well. Cleaning it with the wipes can result in slipping of the disc from the hands. So, make sure that you grip it well.
  • After wiping it off, let it dry and check if it is working properly.

Second Method:

  • Take a spray bottle and fill half of the bottle with water.
  • Add one drop of dishwashing liquid to the water and shake the bottle well. Dishwashing liquid contains an alkaline component. Therefore, it will remove oil or dirt from the disc’s surface.
  • Spray the solution to a cotton ball or cloth and start wiping off the CDs. Once it is dry, you can put it in the CD drive of your device.

Third Method:

  • Follow this method if your CDs are clean and do not contain any dirt or dust on their surface; rather, they have some scratches. However, do not follow the process if you think that you cannot do it properly. You will need toothpaste and a soft piece of cloth.
  • Apply a tiny amount of toothpaste on the cloth and wipe the surface of the discs with it. Toothpaste is a bit harsh in texture, so ensure that you are not putting pressure on the discs while cleaning it. Once you are done with the wiping, take a fresh and clean cloth and remove any residue.

Follow any of these steps to make your CDs work like before, and to clean them, you do not need any artificial cleaning solution.