How To Clean Bricks With Vinegar?

Do not worry if you thought of cleaning your house yourself but find out that the bricks also need cleaning. I am going to share simple ways, and you will know how to clean bricks with vinegar.

The Method of Cleaning Bricks with Vinegar:

All of us want our house to be clean and free of any dirt. But considering the face pace of life, we do not get enough time to clean the interiors. Also, we do not get time to get rid of all those stains and dirt stuck on our brick walls. Bricks are a little difficult to clean, and if you do not follow the proper method, it will take you a long time.

Also, you need to have proper ingredients to clean the bricks. Of course, cleaning bricks is the forte of the professionals, but we want to save those extra bucks, right? So, we will find out some ways to clean the bricks at home.

Also, if the bricks of your house are looking too stained, and you feel that the dirt will not come out, then you should paint them. Do not worry. I am not asking you to paint the entire wall. Just call the professionals and get it done.

But if we want to clean the bricks at home, there are certainly some ways. All you have to do is collecting the necessary things and get set go.

In this blog, I will share the step-by-step methods to clean the bricks and explain.


  • The first thing you have to d is to examine the area you want to clean. Considering some little details beforehand will help you to get the cleaning done.
  • If you feel that the bricks are not very stained, and a little cleaning will serve the purpose, you will need only water and vinegar.
  • But, if you feel that the bricks need a thorough cleaning, you need to buy some other things.
  • Do not opt for artificial or chemical cleaning agents because mishandling these items can harm your skin, and you do not want to visit a dermatologist just after cleaning your house.
  • Bricks are porous, and anything can slide down the pores of the bricks. So make sure that you use only organic and natural cleaning agents.
  • Do not use detergent powder to clean the bricks because this will lather, and you will need a lot of water to clean the walls.

Things We Need:

If you have decided that you will clean the bricks, then you will have only three items. However, they are good enough to clean those dirty bricks.

You will need:

  • Plain water
  • White Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • A brush
  • A moping stick 
  • Hand gloves

I will explain one by one why you need these.

First Method:

  • Ensure that you wear good-quality hand gloves before cleaning the bricks because the process involves mild acidic ingredients like vinegar.
  • If you are going to clean the bricks that are placed above, grab a moping stick.
  • Grab a discarded bottle and mix white vinegar and water. Fill half of the bottle with white vinegar and another half with plain water.
  • Apply the mixture to the stains and start scrubbing the areas with a brush.
  • Brushing will act as a scrub, and all the dirt and grime will start to come out. 
  • After brushing, you can wash the wall with plain water. However, you will see noticeable changes after cleaning with the vinegar solution.

Second Method:

  • After following the first method, if you see some stains left on the wall, do not worry. I am here to help you with another method.
  • You will need bleach. You can buy bleach from any local shop. 
  • Prepare a solution with bleach. First, grab a bucket and fill it with water. Then, add 1 cup bleach in three and a half liters of water. This solution is alone potent enough to clean the bricks.
  • But, if you think you need a stronger solution, you can again apply vinegar solution on the walls after applying the bleach solution.
  • Do not add white vinegar to the bleach. It is a very bad idea. Because mixing the two-ingredient will produce toxic chlorine gas, and it is harmful to your health.
  • White vinegar is acidic, and bleach is alkaline. Therefore, mixing two ingredients will neutralize the effect and will not serve the actual purpose.
  • Apply the bleach solution to the wall.
  • Start brushing the wall, and you will see the solution is cleaning the wall very well.
  • After brushing the wall, you can apply another layer of vinegar solution to the wall.
  • Rinse the wall with plain water, and you are done. You will see your walls are looking cleaner and less stained.

I hope you have learned the methods of cleaning the bricks after reading the blog.