How To Clean Awnings On Camper?

Are awnings washable? How do I take off stains from them? Read more to know about How to clean awnings on campers.

Clean awnings look so fresh and are very important if you want to protect your Camper.


Canopy or sunshades are called awnings. They are made up of canvas or similar material stretched on metal frames to keep sun and rain away to protect your shops or campers.


Campers are large automobiles modified in such a way that one can live in them.

Can awnings be cleaned?

It is somehow a difficult task to clean awnings. But yes! they can be cleaned. Little efforts and a good cleaning agent are all you need.

What do you need to clean from the awnings?

The scorching heat from the sun, unpredictable rain showers, and gusty winds for years accumulate to form stains, mildews, fungi, and algae on the awnings. Here is what you need to clean off from them.

Let’s see how to clean awnings on campers. 

Ways to Clean Awnings on Campers

Dust it off

Firstly, you need to dust off all the settled, dry dust particles from the awnings. It will help you clean deeply without any struggle.

Give a shower

Once you have done step 1, wash the awnings with lukewarm water. It will loosen the tough stains so that you won’t have to scrub vigorously.

Soap it up

Now, prepare a mixture of any liquid soap or cleaning bleach and water. Spread this solution all over the awnings and leave it for a while. Let the solution work.

Brush! Brush! Brush! But don’t rush 

Scrub the awnings with a soft-bristled brush with little pressure.

Do not scrub vigorously to avoid damage to them.

Wash them

Now wash those awnings with clean water. Use lukewarm water for better results.


So now you know how to keep those awnings clean. Keep cleaning them every six months as it would help you retain the color and quality.