How To Clean Alo Yoga Mat?

If you are searching for how to clean Alo yoga mat, read the blog because I will share some effective ways to clean it.

Why Should You Clean Your Alo Yoga Mat?

Working out is a good habit, but with it comes a responsibility to maintain proper hygiene. For example, if you are a yoga person, you will find a yoga mat to do your workout. But sweating can cause white patches on the yoga mat and leave your mat sticky and stenchy.

But, cleaning a yoga mat is not an easy task because its texture and material will not let it dry quickly. So, we continually skip washing our yoga mats due to lack of time. But, working out on the same unwashed mat regularly can cause skin irritation and skin problem.

This blog will share some quick and effective methods to clean your yoga mat and all the ingredients you will find at your home. You do not want to buy a cleaning solution to clean your yoga mat, right? I also do not want to buy. So, keep reading this blog.

The Methods to Clean Yoga Mats:

First method: 

The first method involves a washing procedure. So follow this method if you have enough time to let it dry completely or have another spare yoga mat in your hand.

Things you need:

  1. Liquid detergent
  2. Lukewarm water
  3. A soft brush
  4. A bucket
  5. A container

The Process:

  • Take a container and pour some water into it. Make it boil and turn off the flame.
  • Take a bucket and pour some water into it. Add the boiled water, and the mixture will be lukewarm.
  • Now add a decent amount of liquid detergent and mix it well with the water. If you do not have liquid detergent, you can add some dishwashing liquid as well.
  • Dip the yoga mat in that lathery solution and let it remain for half an hour. The lukewarm water will take out any dirt and grease from it.
  • Now take that yoga mat out of the bucket and scrub it gently with the help of the soft-bristled brush. Make sure that you do not apply pressure because that can damage the fabric of the yoga mat.
  • Dip that yoga mat in fresh water and rinse it thoroughly.
  • Hang the mat and keep it away from direct sunlight. Give it some time, and it will dry out.

Second Method:

Things you will need:

  1. White vinegar
  2. Baking soda
  3. Spray bottle
  4. A tablespoon
  5. Water
  6. Vacuum
  7. Essential oil

The process:

  • Take a spray bottle and fill half of it with plain water.
  • Fill another half of the bottle with white vinegar. The ratio should be 1:1.
  • Takes tablespoon and add half tablespoon baking soda into the spray bottle. Baking soda will absorb any odor and also clean the surface.
  • Add some drops of essential oil to the vinegar and water mixture. For example, you can add lavender, grapefruit, or thyme essential oil. The lavender essential oil will make the yoga mat smell good, and thyme essential oil will kill any bacteria or germ on the yoga mat.
  • Shake the spray bottle well and spray the solution on the yoga mat. You can make the solution once and store it for at least one week at a normal temperature. The essential oils present in it will work as natural preservatives.
  • Now, let the solution work for ten minutes. 
  • Take a vacuum cleaner and clean the mat with its help. You can follow this method every day before you start working out. It is the easiest method to clean the yoga mats.

Third Method:

Things you will need:

  1. Vinegar
  2. Spray bottle
  3. Lemon juice
  4. Water
  5. A knife
  6. Vacuum cleaner

The process

  • Take a spray bottle and fill three fourth of the bottle with plain water.
  • Fill the rest of the one-fourth with white vinegar.
  • Now, take a knife, slice a lemon. Add three to five drops of lemon juice to the mixture, and shake the spray bottle very well.
  • Spray the solution on your yoga mat and leave it for fifteen minutes.
  • After fifteen minutes, you can clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner, and your yoga mat is fresh and clean. You can store the solution in the spray bottle for one week because vinegar and lemon are natural preservatives.

If you run short on time and cannot wait to let the yoga mat dry out completely, follow the second and third methods because you have to make the solutions once a week, and you do not have to go through the hassle of washing the yoga mat. Also, consider following the last two methods daily because your yoga mat will get rid of any smell and be clean and fresh.