Best Budget DSLR Cameras For Beginners

The growth and requirement for the DSLR plants have been increasing day by day. Choosing the best model will require a lot of knowledge on the features that need to be considered. Let us now read about them in detail.

The art of photography has grown a lot. Most people nowadays prefer taking photos all the time. The camera has become more of a necessity to develop video calls, online chats, and selfies. All modern digital devices, like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, have a unique camera to facilitate the requirement of the people. Recently some people have been trying to purchase DSLR cameras to obtain clarity in photos and capture some candid moments together. They are the best option when you are going for a vacation or for capturing some memorable moments. Most of these cameras are powerful, and they are user-friendly. Some of the models, like the Canon EOS and Rebel EOS, are suitable for people trying to learn the art of photography.Similarly, some advanced model designs are available in the market that have certain complex features like burst shots and autofocus. These advanced models will be suitable for professional photographers since they will have more knowledge about the camera lens and focus them.  DSLR camera models are available in abundance, and hence you need to choose the best option available in the market. To purchase a suitable model according to the level of difficulty requires certain knowledge. This knowledge is not just essential for purchasing the camera, but they are also useful in understanding the camera’s features and using them effectively. Due to pandemic situations, some of the companies have stopped the production of certain products. Especially certain models that are not preferred by the people or moving at a slower pace, there are still some models under rotation. Companies like the Canon and Nixon have been maintaining a proper catalog in the market till now. But still, some companies have been trying to avoid the mirror-based models. So to comply with the market, Canon has canceled its first 7D model from the market. Despite all these cancellations, certain designs are still existing in the market that is moving at a faster rate. 

Product Name

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Lens size 


Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-135mm is USM Lens Wi-Fi Adapter Kit

20.2 MP

18 - 135 mm

  • Provides 1080P resolution.

  • The ISO range is 100 - 16000

  • The resolution is good and the camera is easy to hold and manage.

  • Optical view finding for low weight. 

  • Uses the USM model lens. 

Nikon D3500 W/AF-P DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR with 16GB Memory Card and Carry Case (Black)

24.2 MP

18-55 mm

  • 16 GB memory card. 

  • Has nearly 4-11 autofocus points. 

  • Provides HD quality video

  • The ISO range is 100-25600

  • Has features like the Wifi connection, Bluetooth, and NFC. 

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Camera Body (Black), Wi-Fi Enabled, 4K Video

16 MP

14-42 mm

  • Provides 4K video resolution

  • The camera comes along with a pouch for easy carrying. 

  • Offers Wifi connection and Bluetooth based connection

  • LCD month with tilting capacity up to 3 inches. 

  • Offers 120 frames per second.  

  • Low weight with advanced features like the 2 dials, arrow pad presence, and other short cut based push buttons. 

  • Offers MOS sensor with the Truepic viii image processor. 

  • Has a 16 GB memory card

What is a DSLR?

The DSLR is otherwise known as the digital single-lens reflex camera. This particular camera is a combination of both optical features and the features of a single-lens reflex camera, otherwise known as the SLR. The DSLR camera is an advanced model of the SLR camera with features that have attracted many photographers. People prefer this particular model because of their ability to use normal people without great knowledge of photography. If you are a person with photography knowledge, you will understand that the DSLR camera is just an initial step in photography. They are available in several models, with a few differences in the features. But if you want to obtain more clarity and have the ability to shoot small objects, then certain lenses are available in the market that should be fixed along with the DSLR to provide proper output. 

Is a DSLR camera necessary?

If you are a normal person who is always thinking about purchasing a camera, then a DSLR model will suit you. Compared with other models present in the market, having a DSLR camera will always be a better option. When you are using a normal SLR camera or Digital Camera, you will be forced to compromise the quality of the picture. Some of the advanced mobile designs like Apple XS have a better pixel count than these digital cameras. So technically, purchasing a DSLR camera will be more useful for you as a beginner, and you can have the option of upgrading it in the future with an extra lens.

How to choose a suitable DSLR?

While the market is filled with new models every day, certain companies are still producing the old DSLR models. Even with the low AF technology, these models are preferred because of their size, weight, and ability to find the optical views. If you are one such person, you can choose the old models present in the market. The advanced models are more suitable for professional photographers involved in natural photography and professional wedding photography. Suppose you are a person who is buying a camera for regular usage with no experience with the particular technology. In that case, the best option available is to choose the model with easy, simple, and basic features. They offer more flexibility to the new users and adapt to the concept of DSLR without any difficulty. So you have to understand that certain features need to be present while purchasing a DSLR camera. Understanding these features is necessary before finalizing the models. 

Size of the sensor

The first important thing you need to look at while purchasing a DSLR camera is the amount of area it can capture. One of the main reasons the people purchase the DSLR cameras is because of sensor size and their ability to capture more information on the image. Conclusion this wide area will allow you to capture a large amount of light combined with the area to provide a clear picture. This feature might seem like a simple factor to you, but when you are a photographer taking photos in extreme light or taking photos in dim light, you will understand the size sensor requirement. They are also present in smaller cameras like the digicam, but they do not accurately capture the image in bright light.So you need to purchase a camera with a good sensor size to avoid some blocking Shadows and record all the details. 

Megapixel and resolution

This concept is common knowledge that every person understands. When you are buying a mobile phone or tablet, the first thing you take a look at is the camera’s megapixel resolution. This condition is because, with the increase in megapixel’s value, the clarity of the image produced will also increase. Most of the advertisements that come about DSLR focus on the megapixel. But the truth is that the value of a megapixel is not important while purchasing a DSLR. It should be considered but not strong enough to prioritize because the megapixel is directly proportional to the clarity of the image produced on the photos. So you can get the small A3 size prints from a six or 7-megapixel camera with good quality. So the quality of the lens and the attachments are more important when it comes to the DSLR camera than the megapixel it produces. 


The lens is like the camera’s eye, and they are responsible for capturing all the images with utmost clarity. Most of the basic DSLR cameras come with a medium-range zooming lens, but sometimes, when you go for a high-end model, you will be provided with two additional lenses. This additional lens can be used for obtaining an extra zoom effect. Some people might advise you not to purchase the DSLR cameras with extra lenses because they are made up of cheap plastic optic material. But the reality is that most of the optics are embedded within the plastic to reduce the camera’s weight, but they are strong enough to protect the lens and the interior parts. Some of the best brands go with this technique to provide the best output possible with lightweight technology. They can be carried around easily and suitable for normal handling. Unless you are a wildlife photographer who travels all the time in a rugged environment, you need not worry about the twin-lens’ quality in the market. Their value is more and does not miss it when you come with an offer. When you purchase a camera, make sure that it can withstand multiple lenses and house them efficiently. 


The brand is an important part because only certain brands assure proper quality and warranty. So if you are looking forward to purchasing the product, you can go for some high-quality brands like Nixon, Canon, and Sony camera. If you are a new user, then go for these brands to purchase a suitable camera that can be used for a lifetime without any issue. But if you are an old user who has already been using an SLR camera, then the best option is to choose a DSLR camera with a suitable body to host the lens from the old camera. Sometimes for a certain lens, it might not be a good option. They are mostly not suitable because the SLR camera-based lenses are heavier when compared to the digital lenses. Similarly, the Olympus model DSLR cameras cannot hold the lenses provided by the SLR cameras.


The quality of the camera will differ according to your purpose. For example, if you are purchasing the camera for professional photography, then it is better to go along with the one that has double lenses and good megapixels. The shutter rate and sensor size should also be higher in these cameras. But suppose you are purchasing the camera for personal purposes like creating memories in your functions and others getting together. In that case, the best option is to go for the early stage cameras. You will not have the requirement with the zooming lenses for such parties and occasional photography. Similarly, if you are an initial user without any DSL knowledge, then purchase the user-friendly camera with an advanced model that has unknown terms on the menu. 


The term processor is mostly associated with computers, but the truth is that every operating digital item comes with a processor. If you want your camera to be responsive all the time without any slow movements, you need to go for a Digic 4 processor available in the EOS models. With the advanced processor’s help, you will be able to initiate the camera quickly and take snapshots immediately without waiting for them to load. When you are trying to take a shoot, the image captured by the lens will be converted into a picture and then stored within the SD card. When you use a camera with a slow processor, you will face the issue of having improper gaps between the images. 

Physical structure and holding capacity

When you are using a camera, it should be convenient for you to hold so that you can take the shots without any shake. Some cameras come in a lightweight model while certain other cameras are available in the heavyweight model. So holding the camera and checking it is essential before purchasing them to understand the comfort level you have with that particular camera. Some of the cameras have a contoured body with proper grip structure to fit all hands and prevent them from slipping. 


Viewfinders were available in the form of the lens in the olden age. Nowadays, most of the cameras come along with a high-quality LCD screen that allows you to look at the picture and the way it would appear before clicking them. The DSLR cameras come along with the benefit of live shooting. This feature allows you to focus on the image and zoom them according to your requirement.


The concept of accessories might be simple to you, but the thing is that without having a proper set of accessories, it will be impossible for you to maintain the camera. Some people will be careless enough to avoid purchasing these accessories if they are not provided along with the camera. So when you are purchasing a camera, make sure that it has a proper set of accessories. 

USB cable- this particular cable is essential for connecting your camera directly to the computer for transferring the photos and videos. Some of the cameras also come along with the HDMI port connector, allowing you to view the image with the utmost clarity. 

SD card – when you travel outside, it will be impossible for you to carry the laptops and other essentials for transferring the photos regularly. So the SD card you have should have the ability to hold a large amount of content. Choosing a card with 8GB memory will be suitable for continuous travelers. Do not choose a card but low memory because most of the DSLR cameras’ photos will have great storage space. So under such situations purchasing a large SD card will be safer for you. 

Charger – most of the cameras come along with a separate charger that allows you to remove the battery and charger separately, but sometimes you can also charge them through the mobile phone. So purchase a suitable mobile charger as an accessory along with the camera for efficiency. 

Pouch – when you are traveling, it will be essential for you to have a proper pouch to carry the camera safely. You can also purchase a tag along with the camera that allows you to have them in your neck. This feature will prevent the camera from slipping and falling over. They are safer and allow you to enjoy traveling inside the forest like trekking and other adventurous activities with the camera.  

Cleaning kit – when you are traveling, your lens will be affected by the outer dust. Even though the strong outer cover will protect the camera’s interior, the lens will still be exposed to dust, which needs to be cleaned regularly. So the best option is to have a lens cleaning kit that will clean the unwanted dust particles and fingerprints from the lens. 

How to maintain and clean a DSLR?

As mentioned above, you need to have a lens solution to clean the lens and keep the view clean. Sometimes you might have greasy hands and touch the camera with the same hand. So in such situations using a lens cleaner for cleaning the entire camera with high-quality lens solution, including the display and the outer cover. Use a soft brush for cleaning some of the small space in the camera. If you want to remove the parts of the camera and clean then, you need to understand the assembly in detail, which requires a lot of experience that is not advisable for the novices.

Effective charger

Searching for a suitable charger when you are traveling outside will be practically impossible. Having a battery that can be charged at a faster rate, and holding the charge for a long time is essential. Using a super-fast charger will ensure that the entire process will be completed within half an hour so that you can work quickly. Most of the cameramen carry two or three sets of the battery and them so that they can replace them whenever required. So if you need it, you can purchase an extra battery along with the camera. 


The flash produced by the DSLR cameras will be optional, but they should be bright enough to enhance the image’s quality. Having a good flash will allow you to avoid red-eye in the pictures and enjoy a good quality image. Most of the DSLR camera models come along with a flash, and purchasing them along with it will be useful. If you are a professional photographer that uses the separate flash and lights for providing extra effect then there won’t be a need to use the flash. So before or after purchasing the camera, it is necessary for you to learn when to use the flash for a perfect experience. 


Most people prefer using cameras to also for taking videos. Purchasing a camera with the ability to take videos will allow you to enjoy vocational videos with premium images. Some of the cameras also come with extra effects like paranormal to enjoy a wide view within a short picture. The video’s flow should be good, and they should be clear with the ability to detect the movement. All these features are important while purchasing a camera. Along with these features are the most important things that you should consider are the product’s budget. Setting up a budget before purchasing the camera will allow you to understand the type of product you can look at and compare them efficiently. Some websites like Amazon allow you to compare the features before purchasing the product. After purchasing the camera, which should be properly maintained with utmost care. So cleaning the camera and maintaining it is also essential. Buy the accessories and cleaning kit along with the camera before purchasing it. There are many models and options available in the market. We have understood your requirements and mentioned some of the best models in the market suitable for you. These models can be purchased from Amazon websites. They come along with a good warranty for a low price. Along with these models mentioned below, you can check your own models and compare their features before purchasing them.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-135mm is a USM Lens wifi Adapter Kit.

Canon is a multinational Japanese company that has been existing for more than two decades. The company is well known for producing cameras, printers, video cameras, and various other equipment with clear digital cameras. They are well known for manufacturing high-quality DSLR cameras that produce utmost clarity and high definition images. The quality of the camera images made the people prefer this particular company more and more. The company is also much more open to your changes, and hence they have a separate research and development team. With the constant release of new models that are much better than the previous ones, they have been moving forward for 25 years. Their recent choice of brand is the Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-135mm is USM Lens wifi Adapter Kit. This particular model is preferred by people all over the world because of their high-quality product resolution. They are easy to hold and carry around effectively. This particular model will be a suitable choice for people with fun photography in life. This particular model is also suitable for professional photographers trying to develop their future with good quality photos. This camera comes with certain features. 

Lens – This high-quality DSLR camera is made up of an optical lens with USM quality. The lens’s size is 18-135 mm, and the clarity produced by the lens is 20.2 pixels. The high pixel rate combined with the good quality lens allows you to enjoy a perfect image with the utmost clarity. The camera comes along with a high 1080p resolution for photography and also has a special video effect. This particular camera is suitable for professional photographers allowing them to fit extra lenses that can be used. The camera is provided with high-quality wifi technology and has space to house memory cards with storage space more than 16GB. This particular camera is available for sale on online websites like Amazon, and they come along with a good warranty for a low price. Available in a sleek black color with a beautiful cover for the lenses. 

Nikon D3500 W/AF-P DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR with 16GB Memory Card and Carry Case (Black)

Nikon is also an Optics and imaging company that is located in Japan. The company has been existing since 1917, and they are well known for their high-quality products with innovative technology embedded in them. They have been constantly known for manufacturing optics and lens-related objects for more than a century. The company has been interested in the market because of their innovative ideas and constant adaptation with the new technology. Recently the company has been manufacturing high-quality DSLR cameras that are preferred by most people in the world. One recent product is Nikon D3500 W/AF-P DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR with 16GB Memory Card and Carry Case (Black).This camera is available in a beautiful black color that is easy to hold and carry around because of the low weight. The camera is suitable to be used by both professionals and non-professionals. The camera comes along with a special carrying case that allows you to travel everywhere without worrying about the camera’s safety. This camera also has multiple amounts of features. 

Lens – This particular camera uses a high-quality lens made up of optic plastic for ensuring low weight and good quality. The lens comes along with the size of 18 – 55mm. It can produce 24.2 MP pixels with high definition quality pictures. This particular product is available in the market with wifi and other Bluetooth related connections. The camera can focus on nearly 11 different points in a picture. This feature allows you to take care of quality pictures with automatic focus features and HD quality video. This particular camera comes along with a 16 GB memory card that can be used to save pictures. You can also replace them with high power memory cards that can last forever. This particular camera is available for sale on online websites like Amazon, and they are also available in the local stores. They are available at a low price and a high warranty.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Camera Body (Black), wifi Enabled, 4K Video

Olympus is also a Japanese manufacturing company that produces various objects related to optics and reprography products. The company was established during the year 1999 and had been existing in the market ever since. Initially, they started manufacturing high-quality products like microscopes and the thermometer, and later, they moved on to manufacture high-quality cameras, especially in the DSLR region. The company is well known for using innovative technology to manufacture cameras with low weight and easy to carry ability. They have a special research and development team for designing their products and also for testing them after manufacturing. They also exist in the medical field with high technology medical products. One of the product’s reasons is the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Camera Body (Black), wifi Enabled, 4K Video. This particular model camera is of low weight and can produce high-quality images. The camera comes along with a beautiful cover case that allows you to protect them while carrying around. The camera has a special LCD that can tilt according to your wish. This camera can produce 120 frames per second and is powerful with high-quality images. The camera has a wide range of features and lets us see them. 

Lens – This product is easy to carry around and can fit in a high-quality lens that can produce nearly 16 MP pixels. An automatic shutter protects the lens, and they are made up of high-quality optics for good quality image combined with a low weight. The lens fitted in may vary in size from 14-42 mm. The lens comes along with a 16 GB memory card for storing your images. This particular design allows you to store images with the utmost quality and allows 4k resolution. The option of storing videos is available on the camera. The camera allows you to have high-quality wifi technology and Bluetooth technology. This camera can be purchased from online shopping portals like Amazon.